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Cityscape: The Smells of Mint and Pine in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is an amazing tourist town that I absolutely love visiting. In fact, it’s where I spent my honeymoon, so it’s easy to see why I love the town so much. However, I have not been able to go back for some time, which has led me to long to return to the beautiful mountain town. That’s when I started trying to figure out how I can bring the smells of the town back to me, without having to travel there. Diffusing pine and mint essential oils takes me back to the memories of the lovely city and the amazing attractions I fell in love with at the time. Before I talk about these essential oils, though, I want to share a couple of my favorite Gatlinburg attractions.

Gatlinburg The Great Smoky Mountains

This is easily the main attraction that I love in this town, and the mountains are not even inside the town itself but rather around it. Now, what is really nice about the Great Smoky Mountains is that they are part of the National Park System, so you will have some well-maintained trails to go along and hike. The Great Smoky Mountains also have beautiful waterfalls, thousands of different plant and animal species, and scenic drives.

Christus Gardens

This is another Gatlinburg attraction that I really like. It’s a religious attraction with life-size versions of Biblical events that also includes a garden area.

Now, depending on where you are in the gardens, you will notice the scents that you are getting may be different than what you experience in town. However, this is a nice break from the smells of the city.

Spearmint:Peppermint Essential Oils Gatlinburg and Spearmint/Peppermint Essential Oils

The mountains are stunning, and with all the diversity of plants in the mountains, you will find one that you may catch a hint of is going to be mint. Additionally, the candy stores in Gatlinburg make mint candies that they sell fresh at the store each day. The scent of spearmint and peppermint essential oils takes me back to the memories of hiking through the mountains or strolling through the candy shops in town.

Gatlinburg and Pine Essential Oils Pine Essential Oils

Just like any mountains with a wide range of natural beauty, the mountains in Gatlinburg have a lot of pine trees. So what I love about pine essential oils is that it brings back the memories of hiking through the mountains and getting to experience all they have to offer.

Whether it’s taking me back to the Great Smoky Mountains, the Christus Gardens, or the candy stores in town, mint, and pine takes me back to the memories and attractions in Gatlinburg.

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Ginny A. Check out more Cityscape stories here !

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