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cityscape Bridgman, Michigan|Weko Beach|lemongrass|water


Cityscape: The Scents Of Bridgman

It has been several years since I have been back to my birth town of Bridgman, Michigan. However, it is easy for me to recall the scents of the town quickly and easily by just cracking open a couple of essential oils. Before I get into the essential oils that remind me of my hometown, I figured I would cover some of the town’s main attractions. This way you can see why this city is one to check out on your adventures.


Weko Beach

This is easily one of the best attractions in the Bridgman area on the shores of Lake Michigan. Yes, the downtown area of the city is only about a mile from the lake itself. What is really nice about this attraction is that it has a beach house either right on the water or a few feet away, depending on the water level. Either way, the beach house is a great place to get some food and enjoy the beach if you get too hot.

The Dunes

The dunes are an attraction that you’ll see rising up behind you if you visit Weko Beach. These dunes are what has helped protect the city from a lot of the damaging storms that come in from the lake. They also create some of the smells that remind me of Bridgman.

Bridgman and Lemongrass Essential Oil lemongrass

Lemongrass is one of the main essential oils that reminds me of Bridgman. A lot of this comes from the scent the dune grass. This essential oil makes it easier for me to recall the memories of spending the day at the beach in Bridgman.

Lemongrass essential oil also helps me remember childhood memories because it was one of the garden plants growing around the house when I was growing up. This is definitely a plus as well because it helps me remember the best memories from times in my childhood when everything was carefree and happy. You can find this and more in MONQ's ocean essential oil diffuser .

Bridgman and Scotch Pine Essential Oil

Scotch pine is the other essential oil that really helps me remember Bridgman because it reminds me of the trees surrounding the city.

These pine trees have a strong fragrance—I remember walking down the paths around the school and smelling the scent of pine. I used to run cross country for school, and we would always run down paths surrounded by pine trees, which allowed me to deeply inhale the scent of pine trees. Diffusing scotch pine essential oil reminds me of these runs.

Finding that scotch pine and lemongrass essential oils remind me of my hometown is great because smelling these essential oils takes me back to the memories of home.

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Brooklyn Y. Check out more Cityscape stories here !

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