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Cityscape: The Cedars in Salt Lake City, Utah

I grew up in Utah, which I believe is truly one of the most beautiful places. But, I don’t think I began to appreciate its true beauty until I moved out of state when I found myself longing for the mountains. And every time I came home, I still can’t get over their beauty—they are, in one word, awe-inspiring.

As I began to dabble in essential oils, I quickly realized I was drawn to the scents that reminded me of the mountains . One of my favorite scents was cedar—I was instantly and deeply attracted to the woody and earthy aroma. All of these characteristics so perfectly describe Salt Lake City.

salt lake city, Utah

Salt Lake City Attractions

Salt Lake City has it all! In fact, in recent years, it has experienced a major rebirth as people have discovered its low cost of living, growing job economy, and family-friendly atmosphere. Additionally, Salt Lake City boasts some of the prettiest landscapes in the world.

Each winter, Salt Lake City is sprinkled with an abundance of light, dry snow that is perfect for skiing. It’s no wonder that Utah holds the title of having the “greatest snow on Earth.” If you’re visiting Salt Lake City, you are minutes from some of the best skiing in the United States, if not in the world. Utah has 14 ski resorts and 10 of them are less than an hour drive away from Salt Lake City.

In the summer, many ski resorts are open their trails for hiking and biking. Additionally, the Deer Valley Resort hosts a summer concert series featuring popular musicians.

Cedarwood and Salt Lake City

It is no wonder that cedar reminds me of Utah because its mountainous terrain is full of beautiful cedar trees. It is said that a cedar tree can live to be over 2,000 years old. Cedar is symbolic for strength and knowledge and was traditionally used in Tibet as an ingredient in incense specifically for meditation.

Cedarwood essential oil is known to provide a range of benefits, starting with moisturizing properties. Utah is a notoriously cold and dry state, making my scalp constantly dry and itchy in the winter. Luckily, mixing cedarwood essential oil with jojoba oil and massaging it onto the scalp provides an aid in this issue.

On the other hand, Cedarwood essential oil added mixed with witch hazel has been shown to help soothe red or irritated skin.

The essential oil is also a natural diuretic, meaning it can increase the frequency of urination and clear unwanted toxins.

I love using cedarwood essential oil on my scalp when mixed with jojoba oil or remembering the scent of Salt Lake City by diffusing the oil in a room diffuser or using it in a personal essential oil diffuser like Forest or Ocean MONQ.

Cedarwood is truly is one of the most magnificent essential oils. Just like Salt Lake City, it is strong but has great warmth—it draws you in and it definitely is not something that will be forgotten.

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Jordan S. Check out more Cityscape stories here !

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