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Cape Town South Africa|||


Cityscape: Take In the Sights, Sounds, and Scents of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa has become one of the most popular international tourist destinations, combining astounding natural beauty with great nightlife and some of the best food in the world. But it is without a doubt the backdrop of the iconic Table Mountain, the sparkling Atlantic and Indian Oceans on the other side of the Cape Peninsula, and trips to attractions such as world-class wine farms that draw people back to the shores of Cape Town time and time again.


For those who love nature, exploring Cape Town is the perfect activity. First, there are the awe-inspiring sunsets over the Atlantic that have received attention as being some of the most beautiful in the world. A trip to the top of Table Mountain on the famous cable car allows a visitor to take in beautiful sights that seemingly go on forever. And a walk around some of the iconic Victorian-style buildings in the City Bowl harkens back to a bygone era. From sight to sound to smell to taste to touch, Cape Town awakens all of the senses with its natural, historic, and modern beauty.

Scents: Lavender and Pine

However, one sense is more important than all of the others when visiting and remembering Cape Town—smell. The smell of the ocean breeze in the evening and the floral kingdom of the mountains are experiences and memories to savor forever.

Add to this the scent of the natural and cultivated lavender of the Cape and the enticing smell of the coconut oil that beach-goers love. Then, there is the scent of pine that blankets the city, as well as the scent of eucalyptus from trees first imported centuries ago.

Those visiting the city will also be enticed by the unique Cape Malay cuisine, with smells wafting from restaurant doorways and beckoning explorers who want a taste of some of the most exquisitely spiced foods in the world.

If I were to choose two scents that remind me of Cape Town, it would be lavender and pine, which, when paired with an active imagination, allow me to travel back to this iconic city at the foot of the African continent without having to leave the comfort of my own home.

 width= Lavender Essential Oil

Diffusing lavender essential oil takes me back to the wildflowers on Table Mountain and the fields of cultivated lavender waving in the breeze just outside the city. In addition to taking me back to the city I love, lavender essential oil has a wide range of health benefits and is well-known for alleviating stress and anxiety and promoting peace of mind.

The vapors of lavender essential oil can be used to treat respiratory issues, and a few dabs of the oil on the neck area can help soothe a nagging cough.

Pine Essential Oil  width=

The smell of pine that permeates Cape Town is a result of trees that planted many generations ago in order to provide timber for the traders who sailed their tall-masted vessels around the Cape of Storms and into the safety of the Cape Town harbor. Today, the same scent that greeted these mariners can be enjoyed in the form of pine essential oil.

This essential oil boasts benefits including alleviating muscle and joint pain, treating minor cuts and burns, and boosting mood and energy levels.

In addition to providing me with a range of psychological and physiological health benefits, using lavender and pine essential oils takes me back to the foot of the Table Mountain and to the sounds of the Atlantic rollers crashing against the granite of the shore.

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Tasha R. Check out more Cityscape stories here !

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