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Cityscape: Lavender Essential Oil Takes Me Home To Asheville, North Carolina

When I first got started using essential oils, I was blown away. It was all so new to me, but so obviously powerful. A yoga teacher recommended two particular ones for me to use in getting over what turned out to be a temporary ailment. I was hooked on the capability of essential oils enhancing my health and wellness, but I wasn't sure which one was best for regular use after that. The two I used had healed me, but continuing to use them while healthy didn't seem to be of much benefit.

So when trying to find those essential oils for continual use, I thought of my favorite city in the world, a place I go for calm, healing and rejuvenation to try and mimic those healing elements through the scents of essential oils.


Back to My Roots

I've had the luxury of traveling to forty states, three dozen countries, and two continents. So I expected that sifting through all my journeys would take some time. That was just my head going all over the place like it often does, but my heart leaped right to Asheville, North Carolina and kept coming back to it. Yes, Paris was incredible, and the sights and sounds of Singapore are almost impossible to put into words, but the more I thought about it, my favorite city in the world isn't a long air flight, but just a few hours up the road.

I've always lived in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Asheville has always been a road-trip weekend away. I first fell in love with the city when I started college there. It is known for so many different things, such as the state's premier tourist destination of the Biltmore House and Estate, the highest per capita amount of breweries, and the breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Having grown up in a big city, I always enjoyed how this small city had most urban conveniences you could ask for, but it took only minutes to drive up mountain ridges for great views, fresh air, and hiking trails. The number of spas and yoga retreats were unknown to me in my college years, but something I kept coming back for after I got on my mat.

What I love about Asheville is how the city changes with the seasons. Spring is full of blooms and flowers, and the fall colors are as beautiful as they are anywhere in the world. With over a hundred different species of trees up and down the ridges, the fall colors look like someone melted a rainbow and dripped it over the world. With the low humidity and the constant buzz of tourists coming from various corners of the world in the summer, each season brings an entirely refreshed mindset to love the nature and elements of the city.

Lavender The Similar Powers of Asheville and Lavender

Lavender essential oil was something introduced to me during an aromatherapy massage at a spa retreat on a ridge overlooking Asheville, and it has some of the benefits of visiting this "Paris of the South." For starters, it's a great bug repellent. Western North Carolina is far from insect and bug-free, but there are far fewer of them than in my muggy home city, so it's nice to have something that keeps them off back home.

The essential oil of lavender also does a tremendous job of reducing stress and anxiety, just like a good trip to Asheville. The city's vibe is certainly far more mellow than many other cities, and I always have some of that vibe lingering with me in the days after returning home.

The biggest benefit for me might be the sleep that lavender induces. My partner and kids have no trouble sleeping when we go to Asheville. There's so much to see and do that we leave it all on the field, and so there's not much left at the end of the day. That peace of mind and contentment are hard to come back home without some help from essential oils.

So there it is folks. My favorite place in the world is Asheville, North Carolina. I can live with the fact that I can't be there every day of the year, but I always keep some of the benefits with me as long as I've got my lavender essential oil with me.

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Linda I. Check out more Cityscape stories here !

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