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Cityscape: Lavender Essential Oil is the Essence of Paris, France

Bring up the word "perfume," and my mind immediately goes to Paris, France. French everything, from perfume to cuisine, I associate with old charm and superior quality.

Paris has a pretty widely-known association with romance. After all, it is the “city of love.” Thousands of lovers head to Paris every year to celebrate Valentine’s Day or to pop that all-important question in the most romantic city in the world. There is always something alluring and beautiful waiting around the corner, whether it’s fresh coffee from the pavement cafes or the smell of blossoms at the beginning of spring in the many parks.

the thinker

Paris Attractions

Tourists visit Paris because of its enchanting castles, the quaint cobblestone streets of Montmartre, and the fascinating George Haussmann design of central Paris—it’s really no wonder that it’s said to be the most captivating city in the world. The Musee Rodin is one of my favorite landmarks, and from a very young age, I was entranced by the sculpture of The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, the famous 20th-century artist. The Thinker, as well as many of Rodin’s sculptures, can be found in the fabulous gardens surrounding the museum.

lavender field

Lavender Essential Oil Embodies Paris

If a scent could capture the essence of this city, it would be pink, romantic, floral, and nostalgic. Perfume tells a story and is used by many women to describe their emotions. When you are out in the bustling streets of Paris in the early morning when Parisians are rushing off to work, you are enveloped with fabulous scents ranging from aftershave to exquisite French perfumes.

The smell that for represents Paris is that of lavender and its essential oil. In fact, lavender is one of the flowers that are most closely associated with France. When traveling in the countryside, one can find thousands of acres of this plant with delicate purple flowers.

Lavender has become one of the most popular fragrances for essential oils because of its delightful smell and stress-relieving properties. It also has a range of health benefits and is known to relieve headaches, colds and flu, and migraines.

The essential oils from the Lavender plant are extracted from its flowers and steam distilled. The fragrance can be used in a diffuser before bedtime for a good night’s sleep or used in a personal aromatherapy diffuser for stress relief. Alternatively, a few drops can be placed on the pillow for benefits that last all night long.

All in all, the scent of lavender essential oil takes me back to memories of Paris and its beautiful antiquity while providing me with a range of benefits that perhaps the most popular essential oil in the world offers.

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Andrea H. Check out more Cityscape stories here !

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