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Cityscape: Austin, Texas is a Strange Sister To Peppermint Essential Oil

Sometimes a scent or sound brings back a memory. Whether it's a place, a specific moment, or a certain time in life, sometimes there's a direct connection while at other times the connection is a bit more ethereal. Personally, a good whiff of peppermint essential oil brings me back to two of the most spectacular years of my life, which were all about the city of Austin, Texas. While peppermint isn't native to the Austin area, or to Texas at all, there's actually a lot that this crisp and refreshing essential oil's fragrance has with one of the most unique cities you'll find anywhere.

Why Peppermint?

There are certain words that spring to mind when talking about peppermint essential oil . Based on my senses and to help me paint a picture, there are similar words and details come to mind when I think of Austin:

    • Crisp

    • Energetic

    • Strong

    • Unique

    • Refreshing

Austin is crisp and fresh. It's a city that brings a sharp series of contrasts that set the capital apart from any other city in the state, and most other cities in the world. At one time, people described Austin as one of the few places where "a true cowboy and true hippie can sit in the same bar, enjoy a drink, and enjoy each other's company." It's common enough no one would bat an eye at the sight of it.

The truth of that was very evident when I lived in Austin. Sometimes called ultra liberal or progressive or multi-cultural, none of these terms truly capture that unique vibe that comes from a city that proudly embraces its motto of "Austin: Let's Keep It Weird."


What Makes Austin Special?

There's little question that peppermint is a special essential oil, with its substantial presence in foods, candles, and more, but what makes Austin special? For those of us who have lived there, or even visited for an extended period, this question isn't tough to answer. Among the music cities or artistic cities, Austin still sticks out in the same way that mint is an incredibly distinctive smell and flavor that can stand on its own and blends well with so many others.

The city has a strong identity, a stable economy, and is the live music capital of the world. Add in miles upon miles of hiking trails in the green belt that slices right through the heart of Austin, and you have plenty of green running through even the urbanest parts of the city. On hot days, some live music with homemade tacos and one of many local microbrews makes a crisp and refreshing day the way a bit of peppermint adds that to a stick of gum or any other peppermint flavored products.

Breathe In The Life

Everywhere I look in Austin there are places to visit that create an experience. Find a popular swimming hole off the rocks down in the greenbelt, check out one of the most famous city parks in downtown Austin, hear the best live shows off of 6th Street, or spend some time talking to the variety of characters you are sure to meet in the city. There's always an experience that gives an extra bit of refreshing burst to life and when pairing that burst to a scent, all I can think is peppermint.

That is why the peppermint-Austin connection is so strong in my memories and my mind. That's why the healing power of the peppermint essential oil brings back that little bonus of remembering good times in a great city.

While peppermint might not be the first instinct of a lot of people when it comes to giving a scent to Austin, when I think about a city that is incredible and unique, the smell is something fresh and powerful like peppermint essential oil. There's just something about that refreshing and energetic burst that makes all the difference— the same way Austin tends to make an impression on everyone who experiences it!

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Thomas P. Check out more Cityscape stories here !

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