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What Exactly Is the Nootropic L-Theanine Used For?

To say that humans require amino acids to remain healthy is understating just how important they are for the human body. Commonly referred to as the building blocks of proteins, amino acids are responsible for helping build muscles, hair, nails, and bones.

Additionally, they make up the enzymes that transport nutrients and carry signals from one part of the body to the other. Basically, humans require a good supply of amino acids for optimal mental health and wellness. L-theanine doubles over as both an amino acid and nootropic.

l theanine Essential Amino Acids

There are 20 amino acids the body requires. Eleven of them are created by the body itself from the inside. The other nine of them must come from foods in your daily diet. These nine are referred to as essential amino acids because it is essential that they are consumed through diet.

There are many amino acids that are not considered essential, like L-theanine, but they can still do wonders for your health. However, since these do not occur naturally in the body they must be obtained through diet.

Getting Your Fill of L-Theanine

Since L-theanine does not get created in the body, there are a couple of easy ways to be certain that you are getting the right amount of it. Green tea is perhaps the best source of L-theanine, but it can also be acquired through quality supplements. These supplements are very inexpensive, so you won’t be breaking the bank when you add L-theanine to your daily routine.

There are many health benefits attributed to L-theanine that you may not be aware of. In fact, to a certain extent, it mimics another amino acid, glutamate, which naturally occurs in the body. 1

Benefits of L-Theanine

Relaxation without Drowsiness  width=

There are certain supplements and medications that are good for relaxation, but with this relaxing state also generally comes drowsiness that is hard to shake. Research has shown that L-theanine can produce relaxation without the accompanying drowsiness. 2

Because of this, it is often used as a way to treat anxiety and uneasiness. In fact, five controlled trials of 104 people found that L-theanine reduced stress and nervousness in stressful situations. 3

Better Focus

Interestingly enough, L-theanine combined with caffeine produces improved focus and attention. 4 It is said the combination of the two enhance focus better than caffeine or L-theanine on their own. Being able to reduce stress and anxiety while improving focus is a rare combination for any drug or supplement. So, two popular nootropics working together to yield better cognitive function is something to take seriously.

 width= Enhanced Learning

L-theanine increases focus and also provides enhanced learning and improved memory according to studies. 5 In doing so, it cements itself even further in being a quality nootropic. Whether you are concerned about age-related memory difficulties or just want to give your brain a boost, L-theanine could provide this.

Improved Immunity

It used to seem like the cold season only happened during the winter, but now it appears to happen anytime during the year. L-theanine could be of assistance in fighting off those pesky colds and upper respiratory infections. 6 Next time you are coming down with something, you might want to add L-theanine in with your chicken noodle soup.

Sinus Relief  width=

Not being able to breathe well because of mucus problems can make everyday life difficult. Whether you are at work, school, or just hanging around the house, a stuffed up nose is not a fun experience. Interestingly, L-theanine can help clear up that mucus as it boosts cilia movement in the nose. 7 Perhaps in the future, you might consider taking an extra dose of L-theanine next time you are stuffed up instead of reaching for over the counter or prescription meds.

Side Effects or Risks

Unlike other medications and supplements, there have been no reported overdoses or side effects related to L-theanine. As an amino acid, it is perfectly safe for most healthy people.

While there is no set dosage or amount that you should be taking a day, most users start off taking between 100-200 mg. 8 As always, when adding a supplement or medication to your daily practice, it is a good idea to consult it with your doctor about any questions or concerns.


With a wide range of potential uses, most notably for its nootropic effects, L-theanine is a top supplement in the world of nootropics for many reasons. Given the notable benefits that it has been shown to provide, L-theanine may be well worth incorporating into your routine if you’re looking for a cognitive boost.

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