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Review of Nootropics: Are They Healthy?

Nootropics are a special branch of substances that are selected for their special capacity to improve brain function and health. Some of these are naturally occurring compounds and others are synthetically designed, but in general, they have been described as the healthiest products available for a few different reasons. This nootropics review will introduce you to the concept of these brain-enhancing compounds and address their safety.

Since the term “nootropic” has evolved much from its original definition, it now describes a vast array of products and many different effects. Nootropics could be as mild as a spearmint tea that relaxes the mind and sharpens the focus, but many are more potent than this. Anyone considering using nootropics should familiarize themselves with the many potential benefits and risks of complications.

For this purpose, the following article provides a concise guide to using nootropics. In addition to the list of key benefits found in nootropic supplementation, you will find some of the risks involved. Finally, we will cover some important guidelines for enjoying all the benefits of nootropics while avoiding their adverse effects.

 width= Why do People use Nootropics ?

Nootropics offer a variety of benefits that can be tailors for individual uses. The very definition of a nootropic is the fact that the substance provides cognitive enhancement or some type of benefit for the brain. Another subset of this is that for something to be considered a nootropic it must have low toxicity or relatively no side effects.

For these reasons alone, it is no wonder why people use nootropics. Below is an overview of some of the additional benefits nootropics can provide.

Increased Concentration

Cognitive enhancement is the primary benefit provided by nootropics. This is done by improving the levels of neurotransmitters and enhancing their functions throughout the central nervous system. In some nootropics, like phenylpiracetam, this can improve motor functions and improve physical capacity. 1

Naturally occurring compounds in the Rhodiola Rosea plant accomplish a similar function. Potent adaptogens in Rhodiola fight the effects of mental fatigue and can allow for increased mental output. This was proven in a study on doctors in running the late shift at a busy city hospital. 2

Memory Enhancement using nootropics

Cognition is the main component to make sure the mind is functioning in optimal capacity. This relies on the capacity to store and access information efficiently, in other words, the process of memorization. Increased concentration allows information to be acquitted and categorized properly, facilitating future access.

Nootropics also have the capacity to improve the conditions of neurons and synapses where information is held. Studies on some of the most effective nootropics have shown considerable protective capacity, even protecting the brain’s stored information from injuries, traumas, degeneration, and chemical damage.

Phenotropil and vitamin D are both effective nootropics that offer protective benefits to the brain. 3 , 4

Improved Brain Health

The brain must be kept healthy if it is to continue its function throughout the golden years. Keeping the brain healthy means providing important minerals and vitamins used to create chemical communicators that are used at every point of nervous activity. Brain cells are also highly-dependent on oxygen. Many nootropics improve blood flow to the brain allowing for increased function and better brain health.

Through these actions and others, nootropics keep the brain healthy and less susceptible to potential damage. Poor diets, stressful environments, and many other factors can affect brain health and deteriorate many functions. Natural and synthetic nootropics have been observed to protect the brain’s health, reverse damage from injuries, and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other conditions. 5 , 6

anti-aging benefits Anti-Aging Benefits

If the brain is kept healthy throughout life, it will not begin suffering the attrition of age until far later in life. Studies have shown that premature cognitive decline is a sign of an unhealthy brain. The good news is it’s never too late to lead a healthier life.

When the brain begins to malfunction, details become harder to grasp, metabolism can falter, and depression can ensue. However, nootropics can be taken at any age to begin improving cerebral resilience to damage by stress, anxiety, aging, and disease. 7 Studies have found that some effective nootropics can actually begin to reverse the damage caused by certain conditions and essentially rejuvenate the brain. 8

Improve Mood

One of the greatest obstacles to achieving a fluidly functioning mind is overcoming a bad mood and sour demeanor. Anger, frustration, and irritability can come from poor sleep, irregular diet or lack of exercise. When the mind is drowning in these distractions, it can be impossible to make intelligent headway on tasks at hand.

Nootropics can balance hormones that exist naturally in the brain to simulate mood-boosting benefits. They can also increase the time these special communicators stay in the brain thus increasing their effects. Citicoline and certain racetams are some of the most well-known nootropics that deliver this mood-lifting effect. 9

Health Risks

While nootropics are capable of great health benefits, they are still very potent compounds. As such, they can also have an adverse effect on the body if they are not used as directed or in the correct doses. Don’t miss the final section, “Avoiding the Dangers and Risks of Nootropic Use.”

Headaches headache

The increase in brain activity caused by some nootropics can cause headaches as the production of chemicals is increased. Higher levels can eventually lead to synaptic-overstimulation which can lead to headaches. Stimulants and racetam nootropics are known for this effect.

GI Tract Issues

Since the digestive tract operates on nutrient balance and regularity, a sudden introduction of nootropics may affect it to some degree. Large doses of nootropics can be perceived as a threat and cause nausea, diarrhea, or other discomforts.

nootroopics review Fatigue and Insomnia

Many nootropics can increase the capacity for mental and physical output, which may disrupt regular schedules. Stimulants can aggravate this by disturbing sleep and causing fatigue.

Dependence and Addiction

Nootropics that facilitate dopaminergic action excite the pleasures centers. Once you stop taking this nootropic, your mood and motivate significantly drop, which may lead to addiction.

Other nootropics, like caffeine, can cause resistance and you may need to increase your doses over time to produce the original effect. Sometimes a “ brain fog ” is experienced once you discontinue using nootropics. This is simply the brain readjusting itself after long term use and not necessarily an indication of addiction.

Other Potential Side Effects

In addition to these more common side effects, various other nootropics contain specific precautions and side effects. Some include moodiness, restless disorders or depression. Others can aggravate conditions of hypertension or lightheadedness. 10

Always keep in mind that adverse side effects from taking nootropics are the exception, not the rule. These can generally be avoided by adhering to dose recommendations and never exceeding the recommended amounts.

Furthermore, following the guidelines below can minimize all potential risks involved with nootropic supplementation.

Avoiding the Dangers and Risks of Nootropic Use nootropic reviews

If you are planning to nootropics yourself or planning a stack for your children, here are some things you should know:

Know Your Needs

Don’t take nootropics blindly. Some might not be appropriate for your age or conditions. Having a clear reason for your use, such as improved focus or damage prevention, can help you achieve your goals without meeting misfortune.

Minimize the Dosage

Even though there are recommended dosages that you shouldn’t exceed, there is no reason to take the full dosage at the beginning. Some experts suggest beginning below the recommended dose and seeing how the results play out. Adjustments can be made from there.

Use When Needed

If you use nootropics to fight fatigue, stress, or improve concentration, consider only using them when you feel they are necessary. Unnecessary use may lead to side effects of dependence.

Never Use Too Much

If you feel the effects of a certain nootropic aren’t really helping, consider looking for another product instead of taking more. Increasing the dose can place your health at risk to side effects.

Cycle Off

Another reason for diminished effects can come from extended use. Cycling through different nootropics can reduce your risk of developing resistance at the recommended dose.

Seek Professional Advice

Finally, and most importantly, make sure you discuss your plans with a licensed medical professional. Even if you don’t present any health conditions, a qualified expert may help you find the best nootropic plans for your needs.

If you are a breastfeeding or pregnant mother or present a health condition than you absolutely need to discuss your supplement plans with your doctor.


This nootropics review should allow you to be well informed as to the benefits and risks associated with taking nootropics. This article provides a general overview of supplementing with nootropics. If you are considering taking a nootropic, you should look into its the specific warnings as it varies across each drug.

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