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Litsea Essential Oil: The Clarifying and Stimulating Nootropic Effects

Across the Pacific Ocean in the tropical climates of southern China and the surrounding regions grows Litsea cubeba , or may chang, as it is locally known. Best identified by a cheerful fragrance and described as a fresh flower with a bit of citrus zest, litsea has been applied in local healing for centuries.

Litsea essential oils have antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making them an excellent tonic for good health and remedy for sickness and minor injury. 1 However, it is the nootropic effects of litsea essential oil that make this herbal treatment highly beneficial.


Nootropic Effects of Litsea Essential Oil

Lifts Mental Blocks

Even the most formidable mind with a successful track record can get out of the groove because of mental blocks. When besieged by a restless mind or simply baffled by a sheer lack of imagination, consider the clarifying powers of litsea.

The graceful and delicate aromatic profile can dispel clouds of confusion and allow the strained mind to regain its focus and connection with inspiration. 2

The unique fragrance of litsea holds an important spot in the perfume industry and aromatherapy experts everywhere swear by its capacity to calm and center the mind. Diffuse this aromatic essence to create an inspiring and grounding atmosphere.

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Boosts Energy

Demands made on mental capacity and cognitive function are higher today than they have ever been before. However, the mind is more than capable of handling extensive mental work and continues to produce great achievements.

One way to support cognitive endurance and diminish the effects of mental fatigue is through the fragrance of litsea essential oil. In addition to the capacity to calm and center a troubled mind, litsea essential oil can also fight fatigue and imbue efforts with renewed mental vigor. 3

Those looking to press their progress late into the afternoon can find it hard to maintain their focus and cognitive efficacy. This is where the most prominent nootropic effects of litsea essential oil can be applied for the power to carry on till the workday ends.


Maintains Healthy Respiration

You could take an assortment of racetams until your brain is the biological equivalent of a surgical laser in terms of focus and efficiency, but if you keep your mind empowered through healthy breathing, your typical nootropic stacks are only partially effective.

Proper breathing, the deep diaphragmatic type, greatly enhances cognitive function and keeps the brain safe from neurodegenerative conditions that can decrease brain functionality over time. When the focus is not routinely drawn to stabilizing the breath, anxiety, and fear can begin to creep in and affect optimal cognitive function.

The vibrant odors from litsea essential oil have been shown to stimulate the diaphragm, maintaining healthy respiration and consequently maintaining optimal cognitive function. 4


The unique assortment of health benefits that litsea essential oil offers are especially well-suited for boosting cognitive function and increasing focus. Consider using this essential oil topically or aromatically next time you’re trying to complete a difficult task and note the powerful cognitive benefits that it provides.

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