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L-Carnosine: A Vital Antioxidant and Anti-Aging Nootropic

L-Carnosine is a powerful antioxidant that occurs naturally in the human body. It is formed by two amino acids: alanine and histidine. 1

While there are various benefits of L-carnosine supplementation, it seems to be the most helpful when being used as a nootropic or for anti-aging. Consider the information below to see what L-carnosine supplementation can do for your wellness.

 width= L-Carnosine and the Body

L-carnosine has been shown to be effective for the human body with a wide range of positive effects with the majority of them being nootropic benefits. Alanine and histidine, the base units in carnosine, form to prevent free radical oxidation in the cells of the body.

Free radicals take on a wide scope and meaning. In a general sense, reducing free radical oxidation means that it serves the function of an antioxidant. L-carnosine scavenges throughout the body and attacks free radicals, thereby reducing potential oxidative stress to the cells in the body. 2

Common L-Carnosine Benefits and Uses

There is a wide range of benefits you can get from supplementing with L-carnosine. Consider some of the following common benefits below.

Anti-Aging  width=

There is quite a great deal of interest in products that allow for anti-aging effects since the aging process is something that humans cannot avoid. However, the aging process is loosely defined and can be quite subjective. One definition of the aging process is when the body succumbs to oxidative degeneration throughout the lifespan.

Fortunately, there are potential fixes for this aging process. L-carnosine is widely known for being a strong antioxidant. 3 There are certain metal ions and reactive oxygen species floating around in your body that have potential to cause damage. Reactive oxygen species are stress inducing compounds that can affect the body in various ways.

L-carnosine prevents these species from causing damage by bonding with these reactive agents and neutralizing their effect. The protective effect against the reactive oxygen species is due to a strong scavenging ability of L-carnosine, thus give a strong protective effect in the body.

Stress and Behavior

Some indications of anxiety disorders include increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, shortened telomeres, and increased risk for age-related dysfunction.

Studies have shown that supplementation with L-carnosine can lead to improvements in each of these aspects, suggesting its use for more than an anti-aging supplement. Additionally, this study found improvements in behavior and well-being in human subjects. 4

 width= Cognitive Function

In addition to being a powerful anti-aging compound, L-carnosine can serve a valuable role in enhancing cognitive performance.

Double-blind studies on children with developmental disorders have shown that L-carnosine supplementation can lead to greater neurologic function and cognition, thus further confirming the use of this compound as a nootropic agent. 5


One of the most common age-related symptoms to affect most adults is fatigue. Fatigue can hide in various forms, but commonly mental and physical fatigue are two that come with regular routines.

Studies have shown that individuals with greater levels of carnosine in the body have better success in fighting fatigue than those with lower levels. This study also identified a positive correlation between carnosine levels and protein intake. 6

Muscular Aging  L-Carnosine

One common benefit of supplementation of carnosine is its positive effect on muscular aging. Over time, our bodies make less carnosine. Throughout the aging process, vegetarians, females, and older adults are specifically at risk of having lower levels of muscular carnosine. 7

Carnosine is found in the highest concentrations in areas that use the most energy. This includes the brain, heart, and muscles. Since our bodies have a decreasing supply of carnosine available as we age, supplementation is needed so that metabolic processes can be supported. 8 With this information in mind, the use of L-carnosine to improve levels of carnosine in the body may have a protective role against muscular aging.

 L-Carnosine L-Carnosine Dosage

Common doses of L-carnosine depend on age, body size, and desired effect. Studies have shown that 500 milligrams daily for two months may improve certain behavioral issues among younger adults. 9 Common doses of L-carnosine come in 500-milligram serving sizes. However, the actual dose that you may need to bring about the desired effect may vary.

Safety and Precautions

Given the potential of this compound to protect against oxidative stress in the body, there are generally very few harmful side effects associated with its use. Some sources list this compound as an irritant to the skin, but overall the use appears to be safe. Additional sources have demonstrated that the supplementation of L-carnosine is safe and effective for use and that it is well tolerated among participants. 10


L-carnosine is a powerful anti-aging compound that serves as an antioxidant in the body. It functions by scavenging throughout the body in search of reactive oxygen species. The information above is intended to give a background on the use of L-carnosine for the use of anti-aging properties. In addition, this powerful antioxidant plays an effective role as a nootropic agent given its role in cognitive functioning. Dosing for this supplement depends on a variety of factors, but if you have any questions or concerns related to the use of this compound it is best to discuss your questions with a doctor prior to use.

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