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EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ANIRACETAM|Aniracetam Molecule|smiling woman with brown hair|man focused on computer|person holding stress ball|woman holding stomach sick


Here's Everything You Ever Wanted to Learn About Aniracetam

Aniracetam is a “smart drug” that can play a role in focus, concentration, mood, and is even responsible for the release of certain neurotransmitters in the body. Considered to be closely related to the very first class of nootropics discovered, aniracetam brings about cognitive-boosting effects that play a role in brain function and development, especially in adults with certain impairments.

Consider the information below as a guide to aniracetam for use as a nootropic agent, along with potential dosing directions and nootropic stacks.

Aniracetam Molecule

History of Aniracetam

Piracetam was the first nootropic drug ever discovered in the 1960s. It was primarily used for helping people with motion sickness. Soon after its discovery, this drug was studied for its effects on memory in 1971. 1

The very first class of nootropics belonged to a group called racetams. This included piracetam, which was the first nootropic drug to be thoroughly studied. This drug was found to have a positive effect on memory, learning, cognition, and mood. Soon after the discovery of piracetam, aniracetam and other derivatives were discovered and developed as nootropic agents .

Chemical Properties

Aniracetam belongs to the pyrrolidine family and is considered to be a compound that boosts mood and mental performance, as well as mediates stress . This drug is fast-acting in the body, meaning the effects reach their peak and are eliminated within one to three hours.

Interestingly, aniracetam is considered to have stimulant-like effects, but it is different from other popular stimulants, such as caffeine. Aniracetam is a fat-soluble drug, meaning it should be taken with food for proper absorption. 2

Benefits and Uses of Aniracetam

Aniracetam is a nootropic agent that has a variety of uses and benefits that may be of interest in your wellness lifestyle. Consider the information below which covers the potential uses and common benefits of aniracetam.

Improves Cognition

Perhaps one of the most common reasons that individuals use aniracetam is for its benefits for the mind . Studies have shown that taking 1500 mg of aniracetam per day can have a greater effect on cognition than taking 2400 mg of piracetam when taken for at least eight days. 3

smiling woman with brown hair

Provides Emotional Stability

Emotions play an important role in your everyday life and overall mental health. Because of this, it is important to maintain a healthy balance of emotions. Aniracetam may help with that.

Studies examining the effects of aniracetam combined with therapy showed promising effects on emotional stability. 4 While supplementing with aniracetam alone provides cognitive benefits, the dual benefit of aniracetam with cholinesterase agents enhances these benefits.

Enhances Memory

The aging process can take different tolls on health, wellness, and memory. Throughout life, recalling past memories and forming new ones can become more difficult, especially with certain memory-related conditions .

Fortunately, blocking the debilitative pathways that occur in the aging process may be an option to sharpen memory and prevent the onset of these diseases among adults. Studies have shown that doses of 50 mg per kg of body weight can lead to reversals in memory decline and impairments in rats, thus suggesting the potential benefits of aniracetam as a memory-enhancing agent. 5

man focused on computer

Increases Focus

Focus and concentration are two elements that can play a role in productivity, learning, memory, and overall cognition. The neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine both play a role in focus and concentration.

Studies show that aniracetam has been shown to boost overall focus and concentration by regulating dopamine and acetylcholine. 6

Boosts Mood

There will most certainly be a time throughout life when your mood is down or can use a boost. Sometimes, there is a particular life event that causes you to feel gloomy, while other times, it may feel there is no cause at all. There are many varying factors that have a role in your overall mood, but it seems that nootropics can play a role in enhancing your mood.

The neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin play a role in boosting overall mood, thus creating a euphoric sensation. Similar to the way it increases focus, studies have shown that aniracetam can boost dopamine and serotonin levels. In turn, this helps balance neurotransmitter levels, which may result in an uplifted mood. 7

person holding stress ball

Provides Stress Relief

Another benefit of aniracetam is its ability to reduce and prevent stress. Stress is an inevitable part of daily life, but it seems that emotional and physical stress can compound easily. With this in mind, finding ways to alleviate stress is important for longevity .

Aniracetam may have the potential to reduce overall mental stress, just like it is able to enhance your mood. Given that aniracetam plays a role in the release of dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine, it can be an effective strategy to combat stress from everyday life. 8

Aniracetam and Choline Stack

Generally, the best way to take aniracetam is in a nootropic stack with choline. Choline is a compound that partially makes up the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which plays a role in the regulation of cognition and memory.

Choline is a nootropic that helps with brain function. When choline is paired with aniracetam, this stack creates a synergistic effect that can boost overall cognitive performance. There have been multiple studies that have shown this stack to improve memory better than only taking one of nootropics. 9

Common Aniracetam Dosages

In order to gain the potential benefits of aniracetam, it is important to know how much to take. Research studies on aniracetam have explored a wide range of dosages that you can reasonably take to gain cognitive benefits. Consider the doses below when deciding what dose you think will work best for you.

1,000 to 1,500 mg per day

Studies have shown that 1,000 to 1,500 mg per day plays a role in preventing cognitive decline among individuals with cognitive impairments. 10 1,500 mg is considered the upper limit of the dosage studies, so it may be best to start off by taking 1,000 mg a day. Another option would be to take multiple doses throughout the day to reach either 1,000 or 1,500 mg.

10 to 100 mg per kg

This next dose is a wide-ranged dose that can play a role in learning and memory. Studies have shown that a dosage ranging from 10 to 100 mg per kg of body weight shows a positive bell-shaped dose-response curve related to learning and memory. 11

A dose-response bell-shaped curve suggests that between the doses of 10 and 100 mg per kg of body weight, an optimal response is likely to occur. Outside of this dosage range, the effect on memory and learning may not be adequate or that the response is not sufficient.

woman holding stomach sick

Safety and Precautions

As with any drug or supplement you ingest, it is important to know what the side effects or precautions are prior to using it. While the majority of users report no side effects upon taking aniracetam, others experience insomnia , anxiety, nausea, and diarrhea. 12

Additionally, there are some suspected hazards associated with fertility of an unborn child. 13 These precautions may involve reproductive toxicity and anyone looking to reproduce should consider this information prior to use.


Aniracetam, which is a derivative of the first nootropic discovered, plays a role in memory, learning, focus, and concentration. Additionally, it has various effects on the release of neurotransmitters in the body, which have positive effects on the mind.

The doses of this nootropic vary, and you should experiment lightly until your desired effect is present. Lastly, the precautions of this agent involve fertility. If family planning is still a part of your life, then it is best to consult with a professional about your use of this nootropic.

Consider the information above as a general guide to boosting and enhancing your cognitive performance, and if at any time you require additional information, consider the advice of a physician for best results.

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