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Focus+: Experience Enhanced Clarity

MONQ wants you to live your best life, and that means completing all of those goals on your to-do list—big and small. That’s why we created our groundbreaking Focus blend to improve clarity and productivity, as well as to help individuals reach flow state . It’s the perfect blend for a range of individuals, from college students to professionals.

You loved Focus so much that you wanted more. So, you asked, and MONQ answered. The world’s first breathable nootropic now joins the MONQ + line of CBD-infused blends as Focus+.

Experience Focus+


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is derived from hemp, a member of the cannabis family and cousin to the marijuana plant. Unlike its cousin, hemp does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound that produces an intoxicating effect, and so CBD enhances your experience, creating greater therapeutic benefits without a high.

In Focus+, the synergistic effects of CBD and essential oils have the potential to enhance the already potent nootropic effects of the Focus blend.

Essential Oil Blend

Focus features a blend of essential oils with known beneficial benefits. Packing nootropic benefits into essential oil diffuser form makes achieving these benefits easier than ever before and prevents many of the adverse side effects of other synthetic nootropic products.

Focus promotes flow state, or being “in the zone.” Individuals who achieve a flow state have reported feeling more alert, perceptive, and focused.

After the blend was designed, studies demonstrated that participants showed improved arithmetical speeds and verbal fluency, and other indicators of achieving a flow state.

It is believed that by reducing stress and helping the user relax, the CBD in Focus not only enhances the nootropic properties of the blend but also allows you to fall into a deeper focus—without the mind cluttered by other stressors.

Choose Your Blend, Choose Your Experience

We know each person’s wellness journey is unique, which is why MONQ has created a variety of experiences for those seeking enhanced productivity. The Focus+ Original diffuser joins a range of other popular products in the Focus blend family, including the classic Focus Original diffuser , Focus MONQ R , Focus Bottled Blend , Focus Roll-On , and Focus+ Roll-On .

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