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Choline Bitartrate: A Nootropic You Should Consider Adding to Your Daily Routine

Unless you have made it a habit of knowing about rare compounds, you might not have heard about choline bitartrate. It comes from the essential nutrient choline and is said to provide numerous health benefits to both the body and the brain.

Benefits of Choline Bitartrate for the Body

As we all get older, we suffer from random aches and pains that can seem to appear out of nowhere. It is strange how you can go to sleep at night totally fine but wake up in the morning with a new injury. Choline bitartrate can act as an anti-inflammatory and help stave off these aches and pains. 1 In addition, choline bitartrate is said to be good for both liver and heart health as well.

Choline Bitartrate The Nootropic Effects for Choline Bitartrate

Nootropics are medicines and supplements that are said to be great for the brain. In fact, nootropics are commonly referred to in a simple way as smart drugs. Choline bitartrate definitely falls into this category.

It basically is the salt form of choline, but it tends to absorb into the system at a much better rate. Choline bitartrate is a precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that performs many functions relating to both muscle control and memory. 2

Improved Memory Choline Bitartrate

Supplementing with choline bitartrate has been shown in several studies to improve memory . Whether you are suffering memory loss from aging or perhaps some other circumstance, choline bitartrate is said to help greatly. 3

In one interesting study conducted by senior researcher Rhoda Au of the Boston University School of Medicine, about 1,400 adults between the ages of 36 to 83 provided their dietary history. The study found that men and women who had the most choline in their diet performed better on memory tests and other screenings of their cognitive abilities than those who had low choline levels. Furthermore, in this study, it detailed that low acetylcholine levels are associated with Alzheimer’s. 4

A study at Northwestern University in Chicago revealed just how much of a difference a diet with the right amount of choline bitartrate can make. They set out testing people who had a known choline deficiency. These patients were given a series of memory tests and found that their scores were well below average. These scores were used as a baseline.

Half of this group was given a choline supplement and the other half a placebo for six months. After this time, both groups repeated the memory tests. Not surprisingly, the group that had the choline had a dramatic improvement in memory. The placebo group repeated the poor scores that they had on the original test. 5 This is just another instance demonstrating how supplementing with choline bitartrate can improve brain function.

Choline Bitartrate Choline Bitartrate for Mental Stimulation

Choline bitartrate has been shown to improve mood and brain energy as well. If you are feeling down and less alert than you should be, supplementing with choline bitartrate can make all the difference. It not only improves your brain function and memory by increasing the production and amount of acetylcholine, but it prevents neurons from attacking the rest of the cells when your brain is searching for more choline. Once your choline levels drop, it will seem as if you are in a mental fog and unable to think clearly. This is something some people associate with old age, but it does not have to be this way.

Supplementing with Choline Bitartrate

For what choline bitartrate provides, it is amazing that you can get these supplements at a rather inexpensive price. Be careful when choosing which brand to go with as not all choline bitartrate supplements are created equal. Whether you are going to take it as a way to prevent loss of cognitive abilities or using it to improve upon the condition you are currently in, be certain to give it time to work as you add it to your daily routine.

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