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Bergamot Essential Oil for a Peaceful State of Mind

Nootropics , or smart drugs, are in high demand by modern professionals making their mark in today’s society. These substances provide a range of benefits that allow for increased mental performance, endurance, balance, and even higher levels of awareness and creativity. Additionally, nootropics can potentially provide protection from neurodegenerative diseases. 1

Highlighted below is a closer look at the nootropic effects of bergamot essential oil and how this fragrant substance can increase mental capacity.

Relieving stress

Relieves Stress

To many people, stress can be beneficial by blocking out distractions, allowing for increased focus, and even fueling incredible feats of stamina and endurance. Even though stress is a natural function of the body and can optimize energy in a high-pressure situation, studies have shown that prolonged periods of elevated stress can begin to have the opposite effect.

Cognitive function can be severely hampered by stress-induced anxiety and the mild mood disorder that can result. When this happens, the mind can no longer maintain its composure and resilience. Fears, worries, and feelings of inadequacy lend their weight to the stressful outlook, which negatively affects focus and even short-term memory. 2

Bergamot essential oil is capable of interrupting the cycle of stress and restoring mental function and the capacity to focus. Studies have also shown that aromatherapy using bergamot essential oils can also balance the mood and improve emotional responses.


Offers Neuroprotection

Another important task of a good nootropic is to maintain the function of neural pathways and keep the brain healthy. Today’s lifestyles, professional demands, and urban environments place an unprecedented strain on mental faculties, and without protection, degenerative diseases can develop.

Oxidative stress is the medical term for damage caused by free radicals and has been associated with depression, heart conditions, cancer, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases, as well as aging in general. 3

Clinical evidence suggests nootropic effects of bergamot essential oils to have the proper natural compounds to inhibit oxidative stress, especially in the spinal column. The same study also found bergamot essential oils to have properties that can counteract the increased sensitivity to pain caused by prolonged use of analgesics, called hyperalgesia. 4


Provides Sedative Effects

The proper function of the mind can be affected in many ways. When the mind is exhausted from a long-haul of strenuous performance, it can be virtually impossible to make intelligent choices. This is where a robust cup of coffee can get the juices flowing again and allow for continued functionality.

But the reverse is also true. If the mind is giddy and unable to focus , it can be equally impossible to make intelligent headway toward important objectives. The right nootropic, in this case, is a compound that grounds and soothes the mind. In a relaxed and comfortable frame of mind, it is far easier to meet demands and make considerable achievements.

Bergamot essential oil has a sweet and spicy aroma that many may recognize from Earl Grey tea. Studies have shown that the delightful aroma can reduce stress and allow for serenity in making decisions. This attribute was seen in rats placed in a maze. Rats treated with bergamot essential oil aromatherapy were able to complete the maze more easily and experienced less anxiety. 5


Mixed with a carrier oil, bergamot essential oils makes a terrific all-day fragrance for men and women.

With its wide range of health benefits—both nootropic and non-nootropic—you should consider adding this potent essential oil into your daily routine.

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