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Terpenes Profile: Germacrene

Germacrene is a terpene produced by a number of plant species. Unlike some terpenes, germacrene is not used for fragrances or flavoring. In fact, germacrene can actually be dangerous if swallowed in large quantities.

Certain types of insects, such as the tobacco budworm moth, are naturally drawn to the presence of germacrene in plants. In fact, germacrene can actually activate the antennal receptor neurons of these moths. 1 Plants that contain large quantities of germacrene, like red dead nettle, tend to attract a lot of bees. Researchers are still studying the different ways this terpene can influence insects.

In addition to aromatherapy benefits, germacrene has a range of medicinal properties. Plants containing germacrene have been used in traditional medicine in countries across the world. 2

Natural sources of germacrene include angelica root, bergamot, basil, bay leaf, caraway seed, clary sage, and chicory root.

Uses for Germacrene

Alleviates Stress Clary Sage

Some essential oils that contain significant amounts of germacrene, like clary sage oil, have mild narcotic properties. Aromatherapy that involves germacrene can boost mood, and can even help some individuals experience feelings of euphoria or happiness.

In fact, researchers have found that inhaling clary sage oil can increase the amount of oxytocin in a person's saliva, meaning it has been empirically linked to improving mood. 3

Speeds Up Healing of Wounds

Germacrene contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, making it great for topical application onto cuts, scrapes, or wounds.


Repels Insects

While moths and some bees are drawn to germacrene, it can repel a wide range of other pests. For instance, it’s an effective mosquito repellant. If an essential oil containing germacrene is used in a candle or a diffuser, it keeps away insects while providing other health benefits.

Studies that compared germacrene to commercial mosquito repellants yielded positive results. 4

Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure

In a randomized trial, researchers looked at the impact that clary sage essential oil had on a person's blood pressure. The study, which focused on female patients, found that clary sage oil reduced blood pressure in the patients being studied. 5

sleeping woman in bed

Improves Sleep Quality

Experts recommend that adults sleep for a minimum of seven hours each night. Unfortunately, many individuals struggle to get sufficient sleep. Aromatherapy with relaxing essential oils can help people unwind, allowing for a good night’s. 6

Boosts Energy

While germacrene can be relaxing, it can also provide a surge of energy. Many plant oils have warm, licorice-like scents that can be highly stimulating.

 germacrene Reduces Congestion

Inhaling germacrene can help clear the sinuses and relieve congestion. This terpene can also act as an expectorant, helping clear out mucus. These properties make this terpene helpful for relief from both cold and allergy symptoms.


From increasing energy to repelling insects, to clearing up congestion, germacrene is a chemical powerhouse with wide-ranging health benefits. Try adding bergamot, clary sage, or caraway seed essential oils into your daily routine to experience the benefits that germacrene has to offer.

Whether it’s in a topical application with a carrier oil like coconut, almond, or jojoba oil, a few drops in a bath, in a room diffuser, or in a personal essential oil diffuser, you’re sure to find health benefits in germacrene.

Classification: Sesquiterpenes

The chemical formula for germacrene: C15H24

Molar mass: 204.35 g/mol

Boiling point: 236.4 °C (457.5 °F; 509.5 K)

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