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Myrcene is a terpene found in essential oils and offers a wide array of medicinal benefits.


Terpene Profile: Myrcene

What is Myrcene?

Myrcene is a terpene found in essential oils sourced from a multitude of plants. It is also noted for its presence in various strains of cannabis sativa. Based on modern-day studies of this terpene, it's able to offer a wide array of medicinal benefits. It is also cited for its positive influence on the perfume-making industry as it can create a unique quality to specially crafted fragrances.


It can be found in a variety of organic sources including hops, lemongrass, chamomile, and mangos. Its aroma is musky, ripe or fermented fruit and quite pungent. In general, all types of essential oils can be located in organic sources. The variations occur from plant to plant based on the concentration found and what benefits are afforded to the individual using it. In this case, it is able to provide an overwhelming list of medicinal benefits in the short and long-run.

Continuous research on the subject points to an immediate change in the human body once beta-myrcene is used. These benefits include anti-inflammatory changes, pain relief, and the ability to maximize one's immune system. 1 In some cases, it is also used as a robust sedative to ease the nerves. It's important to note this is dependent upon one's dosage, consistency, and how the body responds. Based on reports, marijuana users state this terpene has a profound impact on their body and can offer a sense of "relaxation" as it settles in. Its presence has proven important when it occurs alongside THC in the cannabis sativa plant. Myrcene potentiates the effects felt from THC and helps with absorption. Please note, myrcene is not only reserved for cannabis and can be sourced from other organic plants too.

Additional information has revealed it offers the ability to fight against cancer by empowering the immune system and keeping it as healthy as possible. 2 If necessary, it can be combined with other essential oils to augment its presence.

Uses in Aromatherapy


Inflammation is a cause for concern and this terpene has been studied to have an impact on how the body responds. It improves the blood circulation in the problem area and can help alleviate some of the underlying symptoms associated with one's condition. If the inflammation is immediate, this can offer an abundance of benefits and will relieve some of the stress put on the body.

The Mexican plant "Porophyllum Ruderale" has been well-researched on its use of the terpene and how well it works with mice suffering from pleurisy. With this condition where the lungs are inflamed, an anti-inflammatory solution can provide a robust change to the organism's condition. With a simple injection, research showed there was a noteworthy change in the mice and their health. It has also been cited as being able to instigate LPS-induced inflammation (i.e. cell migration), which is one of the key requirements with pleurisy and the body's response. By taking this terpene, it's possible to activate positive immunoregulatory activity that includes the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NO) and/or Interleukin-4 (IL-4).

Over time, the research has also been compared to other studies involving mice and varying dosages. All have shown a noteworthy change in the mobilization of cells (i.e. leukocytes) and how the body responds.

Analgesic (pain relief)

Due to its calming profile and ability to offer a soothing sensation to the body's nervous system, this terpene provides a wide array of pain relief benefits. Whether it is tested on mice or humans, this terpene is able to deliver incredible changes to how well the body reacts to pain. It can numb the sensation and keep it away for long periods of time. This can be essential for chronic pain conditions. 3

In a 1990 study on the terpene, it was revealed the essential oil had intriguing anti-nociceptive effects. This demonstrated the use of intraperitoneal injections and how well they inhibited pain perception in the brain. The initial tests were run on mice but displayed a considerable change in the hot plate test.

In addition to this research on pain relief, another study revealed neurobehavioral effects on mice and rats. Speculation on the essential oil has revealed a change in the release of opiate peptides as they can maximize opioid receptors and reduce pain transmission.


This terpene has a prominent impact on the immune system and can act as a tangible antibiotic for the human body. It is able to relieve some of the symptoms and make sure the body is able to stave off symptom-related pressures effectively. This is combined with its ability to garner positive results while offering anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits. It is noted as being a robust antibacterial agent.


Since it acts as a viable solution for pain transmission, it can also provide appropriate sedation. It is important to note this has to be done at a higher concentration and appropriate injection for maximum results. Most of the tests were run on mice but this terpene is able to offer a change in the body's pain perception. By blocking the nerves and how they react to certain triggers, the terpene is able to optimize the human body for select periods of time.


In general, antimutagens are referred to organic agents designed to prevent the transformation of specific mutagenic compounds. Without the presence of antimutagens, these mutagenic compounds turn into mutagens.

The inhibition of cancerous cells and overall cell division is vital while dealing with such medical conditions. By using this terpene, it's possible to make noticeable changes to how the cells develop, regenerate, and divide. With its unique antimutagenic properties, the myrcene can deliver a high-powered solution to the body and empower the immune system.


Muscle spasms can be triggered at any stage and often refuse to calm down without the inclusion of a natural solution such as this one. It is able to reduce the spasms and take control of how the body reacts.

In essence, it is able to block the involuntary sensation that causes a muscle to "twitch" or spasm out of control. With an appropriate dosage, the spasm can be controlled due to the terpene's antispasmodic qualities.


Being unable to sleep at night can be a worrisome problem at the best of times. Essential oils rich in myrcene are able to offer a wide array of anti-insomnia related benefits that can change one's sleep patterns and help gain control over this part of the day. 4 It soothes the mind and eases the muscles allowing for a better night's sleep.

Myrcene Infographic

Chamomile Additional Information On Myrcene

While most assume this is sourced from cannabis, it can be found in other organic sources such as mangos, chamomile, lemongrass, and hops. Continuous research has been done on the overall impact of ripe mangos and their combination with cannabis. There is an understanding that mangoes can intensify the psychoactive effects of THC based on the amount of terpene inside them (concentrations can vary).

Molecular Formula: 5 C10H16

Molecular Weight: 136.23 g/mol

Boiling Point: 167 °C (332.6 °F; 440.15 K)

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