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Terpene Deficiency / Paleo Air

Paleo Air in a Blend

Essential oils can provide a tremendous number of benefits to people through a variety of mechanisms. Obviously breathing them, using the art and science of aromatherapy is one of the more common methods.

And, why do essential oils provide such tremendous wellness benefits? There are a number of theories and one that we subscribe to is that animals, including people, evolved in the presence of plants, and we breathed the secondary metabolites that plants released into the surrounding air, and have been doing so for millions of years.

So, in an effort to emulate the ancient environment, a newer concept called Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy has emerged. In this practice, people are encouraged to relax, or gently walk in a forest. When doing so, they take in all the sights and sounds of the forest, and of course, they breathe the forest atmosphere.

lavender field

Please note that forests are very different entities that are never-ending fields of lavender. When you breathe in from a bottle of lavender, you are breathing in terpenes, and we think that this is wonderful. However, you are not getting the full bouquet of terpenes that are present in a forest. There are over 35,000 named terpenes, and only a very small selection are found in any one individual essential oil.

For this reason, we encourage you, when possible, to utilize blends of essential oils that combine the terpenes of a large number of different aromatic compounds. They react synergistically, vastly improving the end-result!

Portable essential oil diffusers, also known as a desktop diffuser you hold in your hand, in which around a dozen different essential oils are blended are a perfect way to experience this bouquet of terpenes, in what we call breathing Paleo Air®.

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