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Health improvements by going paleo|Paleo diet foods|girl holding pants showing weight loss|girl holding neck in pain|woman measuring her body

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Health Improvements by Going Paleo

The Paleo diet can have a positive impact on your health in a variety of ways. Not only can it improve the way you look and feel, but it can have a positive impact on your overall health. From energy levels to inflammation and weight loss, several aspects of your health get a boost by going Paleo.

Paleo diet foods

Benefits of the Paleo Diet

Better Sustained Energy Levels

When you make the transition to a Paleo diet, you force your body to relearn how to generate energy . Typically, your body will look to the easiest and most readily available energy supplies in order to fuel you with energy. For someone with a typical diet that includes a lot of simple carbohydrates, the body will convert them into sugars for energy. As noted by Harvard's Public Health, simple carbohydrates are much more easily and quickly converted and utilized as an energy source by the body in large part due to their chemical structure. Because of this, consuming a lot of simple carbohydrates can lead to a much quicker and unhealthy rise in insulin from the pancreas which can have its own adverse health effects. 1 When you deprive your body of simple carbohydrates, it is forced to look elsewhere for its energy production. Ultimately, it will look at what you are giving it. Because you will be providing your body with sufficient levels of healthy fats and quality protein sources, it is going to begin to utilize your body's natural fat stores as a means of generating energy. This is better since it will provide you with much more sustained energy levels because these stores do not deplete as quickly.

girl holding pants showing weight loss

Significantly Improve Your Ability To Lose Weight

Another benefit that can be gained from making the switch to the Paleo diet is the ability to significantly improve your own ability to lose weight. As mentioned above and in our Paleo Diet Theory , your body is forced to look for other ways to generate energy. Thus, it ends up looking at your body's fat stores for energy production. As a result, it utilizes stored fat for energy which can further increase your weight loss efforts. Typically, this would be stubborn fat that can be difficult to lose. However, once you force your body into a ketogenic state, it ends up utilizing its own fat stores for energy production which can do wonders for your ability to lose weight quickly. Also, because you will not be consistently replenishing your body with more simple carbohydrates which ultimately end up being stored as fat, you are going to be able to dramatically improve your weight loss efforts by making a simple switch in your diet. This is primarily why keto based diets are so effective.

girl holding neck in pain

You Will Deal With Less Inflammation

Beyond its ability to help with weight loss, switching to the Paleo diet can come with other significant health improvements. Because you will be taking in a diet that is void of all preservatives, processed foods, and inflammatory foods, you are going to deal with much less inflammation as a result of what you are eating. Because you won't be consuming dairy and grains, you will not have the common inflammatory response happening after eating meals. This alone can significantly improve your health because your body is forced to respond to the inflammation which can have its own negative side effects. Along with your diet being void of anything that can cause significant inflammation, you will also be taking in a lot of known anti-inflammatory foods such as nuts that are full of omega 3 fatty acids, fresh complex carbohydrates in the form of leafy greens and other vegetables, and more. Thus, you will be eating many healthy nutrient-dense foods that can really make you healthier on its own.

Minimize Cravings

One of the biggest issues that a lot of people end up running into when they switch to a specific diet is the cravings that come along with it. Typically, these cravings are a direct result of being deprived of a sufficient intake of calories. With the Paleo diet , you are going to be taking in sufficient calories each and every day as the diet is not based on caloric restrictions like others. Instead, you will be consuming healthier foods and eliminating dairy and grains completely. Because consuming large amounts of "sugar can cause you to want more of the same" switching to a no sugar or simple carbohydrate diet is going to significantly reduce the number of cravings you have by default. 2 If glucose is what your brain has adapted to for its primary fuel source, you are going to crave it.

woman measuring her body

Better Physique

Another significant improvement that you’re likely going to notice when you make the switch to a Paleo diet is a better overall physique and makeup. You will be consuming a lot more high-quality animal protein and healthy fats which is going to help you put on a significant amount of muscle mass compared to a carbohydrate based diet. By getting in more protein, you will be able to target underdeveloped muscles. This is all assuming that you integrate the Paleo diet with a proper workout plan.

The Paleo diet can come with a number of health benefits that can really help improve your life in a variety of ways. Not only has it been shown to improve glycemic control and minimize cardiovascular risk factors in patients with diabetes, 3 but it can really allow you to operate much more effectively by having better and more sustained energy levels throughout the day and a better all-around physique with much more muscle development and less body fat. The best part, you should be able to notice significant improvements in very little time as your body transitions to working to burn fat as a fuel source in short order.

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