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FAQ: Terpene Deficiency

Terpene Deficiency / Paleo Air

FAQ: Terpene Deficiency

FAQ: Terpene Deficiency

What Is Terpene Deficiency?

Terpene deficiency (TD) is a state of unwellness defined by Eric Fishman, M.D., founder and CEO of MONQ. TD is characterized by a cluster of symptoms, such as sinus and head congestion, skin irritation, respiratory discomfort, general fatigue, stress, irritability, and sadness, that present as a result of insufficient exposure to terpenes in your respiratory diet.

How Does One Become Terpene Deficient?

When we lack exposure to terpenes, we may begin to experience symptoms of terpene deficiency and increased unwellness.

Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic molecules that are released by plants including shrubs and trees. They are abundant in forested areas and other natural habitats. In fact, we can experience the short-term benefits of breathing terpenes by simply walking in nature. However, most of us do not get enough exposure to terpenes, and in fact, it is likely that the majority of people who work or live in urban environments are terpene deficient.

Is There a Remedy for Terpene Deficiency?

Because terpene deficiency is simply a state of unwellness, not a widely recognized disease or diagnosis, neither an official treatment nor a cure has been established.

That said, it can be remedied by practices such as forest bathing—immersing oneself in a forested environment and breathing in naturally occurring terpenes. Forest bathing has been proven to provide a variety of health and wellness benefits, including but not limited to lifting mood, maintaining proper immune function, improving sleep quality, increasing energy, and more.

When you can’t get out in nature, breathing MONQ Aromatherapy Anywhere ® is an effective way to breathe terpene-rich air.

Is Terpene Deficiency Contagious?

No. Terpene deficiency is simply the result of having a respiratory diet that is lacking terpenes.

Just like sunlight is very beneficial but it is possible to live without it, we can also live without terpene-rich air. However, our bodies will be missing elements essential to reaching optimal health. Thus, terpene deficiency is not contagious but more a reflection of the air we breathe, our environment, and our state of wellness.

How Do I Know If I am Terpene Deficient?

If you live, work, or spend a significant amount of time in an urban setting, it is likely that you experience some level of terpene deficiency.

Symptoms of terpene deficiency are varied and they may include general symptoms of unwellness, such as congestion, skin irritation, respiratory discomfort, and general fatigue. Additional symptoms may include persistent aches, burning or itchy eyes, nervousness or stress, muscle tension, a rumbling stomach, poor sleep, and others.

I Think I May Be Terpene Deficient, Should I Seek Medical Attention?

Because terpene deficiency is simply a state of unwellness that results from insufficient exposure to terpenes, the best remedy for it is to get out in nature, and when that’s not possible, simply breathe terpene-rich air.

That said, if you are experiencing, ongoing or unexplained symptoms, are feeling unwell, or are otherwise concerned about your health or wellness, we always recommend seeking the advice of your medical provider.

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