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Learn some of the different desserts that can be fully enjoyed while following the Paleo diet

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Desserts That Can Be Enjoyed On The Paleo Diet

While you might assume that desserts are a complete no-go on the Paleo diet, there are actually a variety of desserts that you will be able to enjoy while following it. While a lot of the desserts that you will be able to enjoy might not be made up of low-quality ingredients that you are used to, there are typically proper substitutions which can allow you to enjoy a variation of desserts that you already know and love. Below, we will discuss some of the different desserts that can be fully enjoyed while following the Paleo diet.

Desserts That Can Be Enjoyed On The Paleo Diet:

Banana Bread paleo diet

While it is certainly not going to have the same texture or rise that you might be used to, you will be able to enjoy a fully Paleo version of banana bread with no issues. Bananas are a great option because they can offer you plenty of vitamins and much needed potassium while on the diet. Whether you intend on using grass-fed butter or coconut oil, you will be able to experience the savory goodness that it can offer. You will simply switch out the traditional white flour that you are used to baking with and substitute it for almond flour. If creating your own recipe seems a little daunting, check out this recipe for Paleo Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread. 1

paleo diet Pumpkin Bars

This is a very common dessert found on a lot of Paleo recipe lists. The main reason it can be found everywhere is because it is not only delicious, but it can be enjoyed guilt-free. The entire bar itself is fully loaded with all kinds of good ingredients that can provide you with powerful antioxidants and healthy fats. These bars feature some common and healthy herbs and spices including nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. Along with this, you will be using raw honey or maple syrup for a sweetener. To bake these bars, you will likely want to opt for almond or coconut flour depending on how you want them to taste. Try this recipe for Paleo Pumpkin Bars to add a little extra pumpkin spice into your Fall routine. 2

Chocolate Brownies paleo diet

The biggest things that you will be avoiding while on the Paleo diet would be dairy products and grains. You might be wondering how you could possibly make brownies without either of these ingredients. However, making brownies without either ingredient is actually easier than using the ingredients themselves. In fact, all you have to do is add the various ingredients together, blend the ingredients, and bake the ingredients together. To make this dessert, you will require a full and mashed banana. This will be used as the base. You will then want to include 2-3 eggs in the mixture. Along with this, you will be adding raw dark chocolate or cocoa powder. You can add additional flavoring of vanilla extract, raw honey for sweeter, and baking soda. Simply blend everything together and you get to enjoy a wonderful Paleo dessert. Here’s an alternate recipe that lists in detail the steps for creating some delicious Ultimate Fudgy Paleo Vegan Brownies. 3

paleo diet Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream

Another dessert that you are not likely expecting to eat anytime soon would be ice cream. After all, Paleo requires that you completely avoid dairy at all costs. However, there are ways to make ice cream without using dairy milk. To substitute for traditional dairy milk, you will be using coconut milk. Ideally, you want to utilize full fat coconut milk and/or cream. Using full fat cream will allow you to mimic the creamy goodness that you would normally get with regular dairy ice cream. You will then want to combine it with almond butter for flavoring and additional thickness. You will then want to add a natural sweetener like raw honey or even maple syrup. You can add vanilla extract if you want a full vanilla flavor. Simply blend all of these ingredients and use an ice cream maker to handle the rest and you can enjoy yourself fully Paleo ice cream. This is a great recipe to try for Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream. 4

Overall, there are plenty of different desserts that you will be able to enjoy on the Paleo diet. While you might have assumed that your dessert enjoying days are over, they are most certainly not. There are Paleo substitutes for just about anything that you could possibly want. Whether its substituting traditional flour for coconut, almond, or tapioca flour or substituting coconut milk for dairy milk, you should be able to enjoy all kinds of desserts without having to stray from the diet.

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