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Terpene Deficiency / Paleo Air

Complete the Paleo Lifestyle with Paleo Air

While often an afterthought among Paleo dieters, implementing and maintaining a complete Paleo lifestyle is equally as important as dieting itself. Not only does this refer to the active lifestyle implemented by traditional hunter and gatherers, but it also means taking in the fresh air consistently throughout your daily life. Luckily, this is one of the easiest to manage aspects of implementing a Paleo lifestyle with MONQ’s aromatherapy diffusers that boast Paleo Air anywhere.

Due to the lack of industrial pollution, our ancestors were able to breathe and live in a world void of common everyday pollutants that we are faced with today. With the pollution that we are forced to breathe in today, Paleo Air requires a bit of finessing in order to maintain a Paleo lifestyle.

 src= What Is Paleo Air?

Paleo Air is a component of the Paleo lifestyle that is often overlooked. While you might be executing a perfect Paleo diet, you can truly embody the lifestyle by committing to breathing natural air, just as you have committed to only eating natural foods. Because it is virtually impossible to remove ourselves from the polluted environment that we call home, it is important to look for other ways to improve our lifestyle. One of the best way to do this is by regularly exposing yourself to the same kind of air that our ancestors breathed during the Paleolithic era.

The reason Paleo Air by MONQ is capable of helping expose you to similar air that you would have normally experienced back then is because it exposes you to secondary metabolites which have their own unique health benefits. Secondary metabolites are the compounds that are naturally produced by various plants for defensive purposes. These secondary metabolites contain various compounds including terpenes, alkaloids, and phenolics. Each of which has their own unique health benefits.

Any air that is filled with secondary metabolites we call Paleo Air because it mimics the air that our ancestors breathed regularly. This type of healthy air exposure has been linked to numerous benefits including its ability to effectively decrease stress in those that suffer from increased stress levels. In fact, its health benefits closely resemble those of Forest Bathing, which has been shown to improve mood, lower stress, and even to improve metabolism.

Secondary Metabolites and Their Effect

While secondary metabolites are primarily there to play a critical role in defending the plant from potentially harmful factors, they play a crucial role in the support of human health. 1 There are numerous secondary metabolites that have been proven to be effective at promoting better health.


There are various alkaloids that have shown to have tremendous benefits for maintaining optimal health. Caffeine is one specific alkaloid that is produced in various young leaves including tea leaves. Caffeine interacts with the nervous system in humans and it can act as a stimulant by effectively blocking Adenosine in the brain which is primarily responsible for slowing down nerve activity throughout the brain. As a result, when exposed to caffeine, you experience much greater brain activity.


Terpenoids and phytoncides produced by the essential oils of the plant. The essential oils/phytoncides of a plant give it the unique fragrance that is typically meant to deter insects and any other harmful things including plant pathogens and herbivores. While they are primarily meant to protect the plant itself, essential oils have proven to be beneficial to humans in a variety of ways.

Essential oils have been shown to decrease anxiety, improve mood, increase brain function, and more. This is exactly why the practice of forest bathing has become so prominent among those that are looking to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

paleo lifestyle What Is Forest Bathing?

While you might be aware of how being exposed to true nature can feel great for your physical well-being and soul, you might not be completely aware of why that it is the case. There is a common practice in Japan that many people implement known as forest bathing. Essentially, it’s exposing yourself to the forest atmosphere by immersing yourself in a natural forest. It is not to be mistaken for hiking nor doing a physical activity in a forest. Instead, it is simply being in nature and taking it all in through each of your senses. While our diet has truly deviated from our ancestor's optimal diet, so has our atmosphere. Much of this has to do with the industrial age, however, it’s compounded by the fact that a majority of the world’s population is projected to live in cities by as early as 2050. 2 This alone is causing as much of a health impact as our poor dieting alone. A study showed that employed persons in the U.S only spend 2 percent of their total time outdoors.

While the Paleo diet primarily focuses on incorporating the diet implemented by our cavemen ancestors, to really experience the many benefits of living like them, you must also immerse yourself in a complete lifestyle change. After all, we are consistently exposed to pollutants, chemicals, and other things that they never had to deal with on a regular basis. 3 Through forest bathing, you are able to breathe in natural phytoncides or essential oils which can really provide you with many benefits on its own. In fact, studies show that phytoncides released from trees can decrease stress-producing hormones and increase natural killer (NK) activity which has proven to have a preventative effect on cancer development in the body. 4

Ultimately, the practice of forest bathing has shown to have a very positive effect on overall health. This is especially true given the lack of fresh air that many of the population get on a regular basis. Because the majority of the population lives in a densely populated and polluted city, it can be near impossible to fit an activity like forest bathing in your regular routine. However, regular exposure to the outdoors has shown the ability to improve the “feeling” of being healthier. 5

The biggest takeaway from all of this research and the various studies on how being outdoors and spending time in nature can improve health is that the environment played a critical role in spurning the spread of disease among our ancestors. While following the Caveman diet can certainly play an integral role in improving one's health, it is best to implement a complete lifestyle change towards that of our ancestors. The importance of exposing yourself to nature to achieve optimal health cannot be understated.

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