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Terpene Deficiency / Paleo Air

Can You Enjoy A Paleo Diet Without Consuming Meat?

The Paleolithic diet ultimately restricts you to eating the foods that were available for hunter-gathers of the Stone Age. 1 Because of this, a majority of the diet is based on fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. While many assume that the Paleo diet is largely a meat-based diet, that is simply not the case. While meat is generally a staple in the diet itself, it is fully possible to embrace the Paleo diet without consuming meat at all. Below are the primary basics involved with the Paleo diet, what foods you will need to consume if you are abstaining from meat, and how to stick to the Paleo diet without consuming meat.

consuming meat Basics of the Paleo Diet

When it comes to following the Paleo diet, you are going to want to completely avoid any sort of processed foods. To keep it simple, you want to stick to consuming whole foods that were regularly available to hunter-gatherers during the Paleolic era long before the agricultural revolution. Thus, any grains or foods that are now readily available that weren’t in the past are to be avoided as well. While many refer to the Paleo diet as a meat-based diet, it is actually much heavier in fruits and vegetables. After all, it was very difficult for hunter-gatherers to have an endless supply of meat available and ready for consumption. Because of this, a majority of what they ate was whole vegetables and fruit.

Foods To Consume For Protein consuming meat

If you are going to be attempting to implement a Paleo diet without eating meat, you are going to need to consume sufficient intakes of non-meat protein sources. It can be very difficult to consume a sufficient intake of protein without eating any meat at all. However, it is possible with proper preparation. To do so effectively, you should simply make one of the staples of your diet eggs. By making eggs a staple of your diet, you will be able to get one of the most protein-dense foods in your diet while being able to successfully avoid meat consumption. Along with consuming a lot of eggs as a staple in your diet, you will want to increase your intake of both nuts and seeds to boost protein levels. Some of the most protein-dense nuts and seeds that you should be getting in your diet are pistachios, hemp seeds, and walnuts.

Tips for Implementing a Paleo Diet With No Meat


One of the most important things to do when it comes to implementing this type of diet has the proper amount of preparation in place. That way, when you get hungry, you will have ready-made snack options that are going to keep you from straying from the diet. You want to come up with a list of approved snacks that you can eat throughout each day. Having a set list of snacks and foods that you can eat will keep you from going off-plan. After all, it has been shown that there is a direct association between availability, convenience, and intake with the consumption of unhealthy foods. 2

Nutrient-Packed Breakfast

One of the keys to sticking to any diet is making sure that you are consuming a nutrient-packed breakfast. It is crucial to get in a nutrient-dense breakfast each and every day. If you are going to be avoiding meat, your breakfast should primarily consist of eggs and fresh vegetables. That way, you will be able to take in a satiating meal that is going to help you avoid those mid-day hunger cravings that you might normally get with a carbohydrate loaded breakfast. You will want to get eggs in your breakfast every day because they will help you increase your protein intake and they can be very filling which can help you avoid mid-day hunger. Studies show that those that consume a low glycemic index rather than a high one at breakfast reduce their calorie intake at lunch by a significant amount. 3 With a protein-packed breakfast along with complex carbohydrate vegetables, you will be able to take in a nutrient-dense breakfast with a very low glycemic index.

consuming meat Paleo Air

If you are going to be implementing a no-meat Paleo diet, it is certainly going to be much more difficult than a Paleo diet implementation with meat allowed. After all, you are going to be able to fill your diet with meat-based products which can help to fuel your body and keep you from getting hungry. When you are implementing a meat avoidance approach, you are going to have even more work cut out for you. Because of this, you should leverage the benefits that come with Paleo Air. By using aromatherapy to help you deal with hunger cravings, you should be able to have much more success with your Paleo-vegetarian based diet. For instance, breathing essential oils was shown to be effective at reducing sweet tooth cravings. 4 Along with this, because you will be avoiding meat, you will be taking in far fewer vitamin B12 which is primarily found in meat sources. Because of this, you will be dealing with even more energy depletion than normal. By using essential oils for better energy like peppermint oil, you will be able to better control your energy levels and decrease the negative impact associated with taking in less vitamin B12. 5

While opting for a no-meat Paleo approach can be extremely difficult, there are ways to make it work. It might require specific modifications to help you avoid suffering from either protein or vitamin B12 deficiency such as allowing certain kinds of beans and even specific types of dairy, you should be able to have a much easier time. To make things easier, you should have proper preparations in place to allow for convenient snacking. Along with this, you can leverage the natural benefits of aromatherapy to help stick to the restrictive diet and to maintain proper energy levels, specifically you can try our Healthy personal aromatherapy diffuser. While adhering to the Paleo diet with meat is much easier for certain, you can enjoy the Paleo diet without meat.

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