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Top Ways to Relax in the City

When you think of living out in the country, relaxation seems to go hand-in-hand with the environment. But when you consider a large town or a city, relaxation might be more difficult to come by. Nevertheless, there are definitely some great ways to relax even in a city environment, some of which are discussed below.

girl on bike Take a Bike Ride

Do you notice all of the bicycle sharing systems that are showing up in cities across the country? The companies vary according to the towns where bicycle sharing is located. The bikes are either docked or dockless, and you pay a small fee for riding them for a short time.

Rent one of these bikes and take a ride in various locations in your city. Or if you own a bike, ride your own bike and do the same. According to studies, this is an activity that is particularly relaxing. For example, active commuting, such as walking to work or biking to work can reduce stress levels by up to 40 percent. 1

people having coffee together Go to a Coffee Shop

Cities are known for a lot of things, and one of them is their wide variety of coffee shops. Favorite city coffee shops could be part of a large chain or they could be independent places that are beloved in the area. Whatever the case, find a coffee shop that is not crazy busy, order your favorite coffee or tea, secure yourself in a comfortable space by the window, and read your favorite book, listen to music, or just people watch. Many people return to the same coffee shop again and again, as the surroundings become something they can connect to their city environment. According to Dr. Mazda Adli, who is a stress researcher at a Berlin hospital, being socially connected to things in your city can help you feel more settled and secure and those f feelings ease stress. 2

couple walking in autumn Go to a Park

New York, for example, is a big city that also has a big park. It’s the perfect way for its residents to get a break from the hustle and bustle. But virtually any park in a large town will do when it comes to gaining some relaxation. Not only is it a place where people can relax, but research has shown that spending time in a park can help individuals be healthier, smarter, and happier.

Spending time outdoors in nature can bring benefits like reduced stress, increased mental energy, improved concentration, enhanced immune system function, and better mental health.

If you’re not a huge fan of just sitting in the park, turn your park experience into a picnic by bringing along a blanket and a lunch. You can close your eyes and rest on your blanket, read a book, or bring along a friend or loved one for some relaxing conversation. Getting out of your house or apartment and going to the park on a regular basis may be one of the best things you do as a city dweller. 3

While you’re at the park, enhance the benefits of nature by using essential oils that can boost mood, increase energy levels, and relieve stress. You can use these topically after dilution with a carrier oil or add a few drops to special essential oil jewelry and carry them around.

Catch a Movie in the Middle of the Day

Yes, city movie theaters can get rather crowded, especially on the weekends and in the evenings. But what about during the middle of a weekday? If you have some time to spare, use it to go to a movie theater to watch a movie midday.

More and more people are downloading or streaming movies on their TV sets these days, making movie theaters less popular than before. However, going to the movie theater is still a thing, and it can also be relaxing.

One study examined the effects of watching a movie on anxiety and stress levels of family members who had relatives in surgery. The study found that the movie watching reduced the level of stress and anxiety significantly. 4

When you watch a movie, you can escape into what you’re seeing and forget about whatever is stressing you out. Therefore, you can relax. So, sit there with your popcorn and enjoy your favorite genre.


Whether you take a bike ride through a ride-sharing program, spend time in a coffee shop, have a picnic in your local park, or go to a movie theater in the middle of the day in your city neighborhood, these are just some of the ways to relax in your city. City living doesn’t have to be stressful if you approach it in a non-stressful way.

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