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7 Reasons for Getting a Good Night's Rest

Why Is Sleep Important? 7 Reasons for Getting a Good Night's Rest

If you are the kind of person who works all night or sleeps for minimal hours, this article is for you! While the value of sleep has often been underrated, quality sleep has a huge role to play in your health as a whole. Changing your sleeping pattern to a healthier one is not very easy.

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However, with these tips, you will be on the perfect sleeping track;

    • Avoid using electronics before bed

    • Limit your evening caffeine intake

  • Avoid daytime naps

Once you adhere to the above tips, you will get to enjoy the benefits of getting a good night's rest.

The Importance of Getting a Good Night Rest


Improves Productivity

One of the commonly agreed-upon benefits of sleep is its ability to increase concentration and promote productivity. People who get adequate sleep are more likely to have better concentration, more agile minds, and a stronger problem-solving ability. On the other hand, intense sleep deprivation can be as bad on the brain as intoxication. So much as working late may seem productive, it is not 1 .

Manages Your Weight

Getting poor sleep might be the easiest way to slip into obesity. Studies on the relationship between sleep and obesity show that people who spend time getting quality sleep are less prone to getting obese 2 . This applies to both children and adults. This is mainly because your sleep quality affects your hormones, which in turn affects your weight gain or loss.

Prevents Depression

Sleeping is one of the finest ways to keep a foul mood away. When you sleep, you allow your brain to take a break from the day's toil and worries. This way, all your thoughts are well organized by the time you wake up. Poor sleeping patterns are some of the factors that put you at risk of falling into depression 3 . This is why a great number of people who have insomnia end up with depression as well.

Improves Intelligence

Whether it is academic, emotional, or social intelligence, sleep plays a huge role in improving your intelligence. Getting proper rest allows you to relax and increases your ability to understand new concepts and remember old ones. So if you never thought yourself a genius, perhaps it is because you were sleep-deprived. Change your sleeping patterns today and see what wonders it will work on your grades, social life, and relationships.

Maximum Athletic Performance

If you are an athlete and are into endurance sports such as running or even biking, be sure to get plenty of sleep. Your body needs all the time it can get to repair your worn-out tissues and restore them to their ultimate condition. Sleep deprivation is also lowers your motivation when it comes to athletics and other physical exertion.

Healthier Heart

The heart is always at a high pressure anytime you are actively moving around. When your activities are maintained for a long time, this interferes with the health of your heart and vessels. Sleeping lowers your blood pressure to a more relaxed pace over the night. By getting quality sleep, you reduce the risk of getting any heart complications that may arise from sleep deprivation, such as strokes or other heart diseases.

Fewer Calories Intake

Believe this or not, your sleep pattern may be the cause of your recently increased appetite. Poor sleeping patterns have a negative effect on the production of appetite-reducing hormones. On the other hand, they promote the production of the appetite-inducing hormone (ghrelin). So if you want to eat fewer calories, it's high time you went to bed early and slept enough.

Consistency Is Key

When it comes to breaking your unhealthy sleep patterns, always remember that consistency is key. Maintain a set sleep schedule and adhere to it regardless of the situation. This way, your body will become accustomed to your healthy hours. If you are suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia, the best thing to do is reach out to a sleep therapist. They will help you map out a healthy way forward towards achieving the best sleep pattern. Ensure you do all it takes to get healthy sleeping patterns!

Authored by Kyla Stewart.

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