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Reviews About Frankincense in Zen MONQ


Reviews About Frankincense in Zen MONQ

Please feel free to read some customer reviews about frankincense in our Zen blend!

"Zenned Out!"

"Ahhhh, sweet relief and relaxation! The Zen MONQ Essential Oil Diffuser Pen is my second in my collection and I definitely plan on getting them all. :) The Zen tastes absolutely amazing and instantly fills me with a sense of peace and calm. It's a nice switch from my Vibrant pen for when I just want to take it easy and relax or if I get a little too overwhelmed out about something, I'll hit my Zen pen and the Frankincense, Orange, Ylang Ylang, and more oils give me quick relief. Highly recommend; act now, this is one of MONQ's most popular blends and they can be sold out sometimes because of it!" —Angel R. Zen

"A new way to diffuse oil."

"Chase and I got the Zen MONQ, and we love how it works. It works better than I expected, I love the Orange, Frankincense, and Ylang Ylang. I can't wait to try the Sleep MONQ next." —Kelly N. Zen


"Great taste and the known calming effect of frankincense is in effect here. My new go to." —Joel R. Zen

"Zen? More like TEN OUTTA TEN."

"How do I feel about my Zen MONQ? I feel wonderful about it. The Frankincense seems to help me sleep almost every time I use it. I definitely recommend this, and I'm so glad that this product exists." —Jamie M. Zen

"Nervous Public Speaker No More"

"I bought the Zen because Frankincense is hard to come by as an oil and I love Ylang-Ylang. However, I was not expecting the results I got: whenever my nerves are frayed, Zen helps me to calm down immediately. I do quite a bit of public speaking for my job, and I still get nervous every time I stand up. This time, I took the Zen about 10 minutes before I spoke and I had a steady voice as I spoke from beginning to end. Whatever nervousness I had melted away. In the future, I am going to keep Zen on hand whenever I am about to deliver a speech for those times I feel nervous." —Hilary E. Zen

"Zen is AMAZING"

"I get overwhelmed super easily and the MONQ Zen diffuser is AMAZING. I feel so so so relaxed after just a few breaths, and it really helps to calm me down in high-pressure moments. As a student at an Ivy League, I'm constantly under pressure and my life moves at the speed of light. MONQ's Zen diffuser's unique blend of Ylang Ylang, frankincense, and orange really help to slow things down for me! I LOVE MONQ. Can't wait to try other blends. Especially given this election, I've been using my MONQ Zen all day today. It's getting me through this Trump win. Of course, it solves no problems, but it calms me and allows me to be introspective." —JZitomer Zen

"Can't Go Anywhere Without It!!!"

"I have always loved aromatherapy and just recently started purchasing essential oils in my attempt to make more natural home remedies. Then I found MONQ. It was as if someone had made my favorite dream come true! I'm in love with how the Zen fills your senses with a beautiful Blend of invigorating Orange, calming Frankincense and sweet Ylang Ylang that calm the mind and body within moments. I can't wait to try the Healthy and Sleepy, though I'll probably end up purchasing them all. I'm a permanent customer and so happy to be so. Seriously, thank you for a product that uses homeopathic natural ways to help heal in such a chemically induced environment." —Meghan Zen


"I just received my Zen MONQ and I love it! I mostly chose Zen because of the reviews and because of the benefits it listed but I did keep in mind that Frankincense is very expensive so getting this one at the same price as other MONQ products is pretty nice! I ordered another brand of personal essential oil diffuser before trying MONQ and that one is ok but the smell isn't as strong (I have sinus issues so a lighter smell isn't effective) and it even left a slight lasting taste in my mouth which MONQ does not seem to do. I also love that MONQ offers a recycling service through them and you can mail back up to 10 diffusers! I have no idea what I'm gonna do with the one I have from the other brand once it's used but I'll figure it out. I will 100% be ordering more and I look forward to trying them all!" —Sabrina Zen


"I love frankincense! Super calming." —Duana M. Zen

"Love it"

"I love my frankincense pen!." —Breanne S. Zen

"Classy and enjoyable"

"I love the MONQ pens... they make me feel grounded and wholesome. I love the look, the feel, the energy. It's a great combination package. This blend is my favorite with the frankincense!" —Sara G. Zen


"I really enjoyed this product from the moment I got it! The feel and shape of the item itself was very lovely and compact as well as visually pleasing. upon first use, I felt as though my headspace has cleared up a lot and I was able to feel a lot calmer. I got a bit of a headache when using it but I believe that is due potentially to a sensitivity to frankincense. I look forward to trying other blends in the future!" —Hannah S. Zen


"I recently purchased Zen from MONQ and I LOVE it! The beautiful mixture of Orange, Frankincense, and Ylang Ylang immediately ignites the senses. Within minutes of using this product, I felt my body and mind begin to relax. This is one of my very favorite MONQ products, and I would highly recommend it to those who are interested." —Valerie R. Zen

"Sooo helpful when I need some instant calm"

"I tried the Zen MONQ blend and I absolutely loved it. I'm incredibly conscientious about what I put in and on my body, avoiding anything with potentially harmful chemicals or processing. It's like a delicious herbal tea in a vapor. When it says orange, frankincense and Ylang Ylang, it actually tastes like those fresh herbs and tastes and not artificial versions. This particular blend really helped calm me when life stresses became a bit too much. It instantly slowed me down, cleared my head, and gave me a sense of calm. It has the same effects as a potent cup of relaxing herbal tea, or an aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils. But you can get those benefits in an instant, and on the go! I think it's a great product and I would highly recommend it. I will definitely be trying more blends!" —Kaleigh W. Zen


"I was beyond excited to try out MONQ! I have never experienced aromatherapy before and after my first try I. am. hooked! If you ever wish to experience a breath of fresh air, this is your way to do it. The combination of frankincense, orange, and Ylang Ylang gave me a sense of relaxation, clarity, and peace with myself and my surroundings. Give it a try, you will NOT be disappointed!" —Ivy Jacobs Zen

"Excellent product"

"It is very easy to use, and it has a pleasant taste. The frankincense can be a bit strong sometimes though." —Emily M. Zen


"It was relaxing, although the scent of frankincense was strong, you could still taste other flavours such as Ylang Ylang at the end. If you are one of those people who needs to relax and calm themselves, this is the one for you." —DaEun P. Zen

"Love this blend! Frankincense is"

"Love this blend! Frankincense is my faaavvvv" —Nicola D. Zen

"Best One"

"This is by far the best product I've tried from MONQ. Sleepy comes in second place. I've tried active, vibrant, and sleepy. MONQ has a tendency to make their spice ingredient stronger than other ingredients. The Ylang Ylang was easily detected and the sweet orange was light. I'm not sure if I could taste or smell the frankincense. I would repurchase." —Kelsea Zen

"Love it"

"This is my first purchase with MONQ and I love it. I'll definitely be buying more products in the future. I had heard about aromatherapy diffusers before and never thought there would be portable ones that would be so easy to use. I received the Zen diffuser and I really like it. It gives off a slightly minty taste but I can't tell if it's the frankincense or the Ylang Ylang, but either way, I like it. For me, because I don"t use it that often, I've had mine for a few months and it still works great. Either at the end of the workday to relax or a walk in nature, this device is perfect for any occasion." —Jovani B. Zen


"This MONQ is ethereal. Frankincense and Ylang Ylang are heavenly." —Xochitl J. Zen


"Was looking for an easy way to diffuse essential oils on the go and this is perfect! Frankincense is one of my favorites so Zen is quite relaxing" —Lindsey K. Zen

"Zen blew me away!"

"Zen is a fantastic mix of Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense. I did not expect it to taste/smell so sweet but it is just enough to enjoy it. I love having Zen close by to help calm me or relax me if needed." —Amanda M. Zen

"Zen wakes me up and relaxes me"

"Zen is great. I love using it first thing when I wake up. I find it wakes me up, I used mandarin essential oil in the past but the combination of Frankincense, Orange, and Ylang Ylang are amazing. I find it wakes me up but also calms me too." —casey f. Zen

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