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reviews about vanilla in Happy Monq


MONQ: Vanilla Makes Customers Happy!

Customer Reviews Say Vanilla Makes Them Happy!

"Happiness in Hand"

"MONQ is credible and their oils are quality, those two things I made sure of before considering a purchase. After that was confirmed I went shopping! I'm a novice at best when it comes to aromatherapy, luckily it's not rocket surgery, all you have to do is look up the oils and their uses and if that's too much no worries-MONQ has done the research already! It really is as simple as choosing how you want to feel. I wanted to feel happy so that's the first blend I bought.

After about a week of breathing the happy blend I actually did feel lighter, more pleasant, and elevated. I was doubtful there would be any effect and I'm happy to say I was wrong. These sleek, colorful, diffusers are the most convenient way to get an all natural boost. I love my happy MONQ! It's my favorite blend so far and I will be ordering more but the one I've had for a month still isn't dead yet, very pleased that they last so long.

Who knew vanilla, thyme, and fennel could make it easier to smile, happy MONQ-ing!" —Genevieve R. Happy

"Monq Review"

"I really like the blends, my favorite is Happy with its sweet vanilla taste :)" —Brianna M. Any 7 Blends


"These are great, so relaxing! My favorite blend is happy, I love the hint of vanilla" —Kathryn g. Any 7 Blends


"Everything was good they are calming to use and the vanilla blend tastes so good" —Callum L. Any 4 Blends

"Effective scents at a great value!"

"So a coworker introduced me to Vibrant Monq, and I loved it for its strong citrus scent. So I decided to get four (Vibrant, Sexy, Happy, Sleepy) . Here are the results.

I freaking love these aroma diffusers, especially Sexy ( I love Jasmine and Patchouli, but putting them together with Lime.... *love you forever*)
So when you get these be prepared for them to smell up whatever you put them in for a few days.They're quite strong even in their packaging (which I don't mind, I loved it, but just letting ya'll know your bag or purse will smell.)
I find this to be a positive thing though because I can't always use them in certain places but just getting a whiff the tube is strong enough :) (and if your being conservative with these, this'll help)
I should mention the intended effects of each Monq are gradual and vary from person to person.

Happy- Strong scents: fennel and thyme. You do smell sweet vanilla on the end. Effect: It's not an instant A-HA it's more of a gradual "good feel".

Sleepy- Strong Scent: Lemongrass. There is lavender mixed in but it's shadowed by the lemongrass. Effect: I don't really feel sleepy, but it does make me feel relaxed. I think a softer smell of lavendar would be better for that sleepy effect than the citric lemongrass. Nonetheless it's still pleasant :)

Vibrant- Strong Scent: Lemon and Ginger. If you love the smell of lemons, you'll love this. These two go so well together, and the spearmint at the end gives it a freshness and because of this, it really has a strong effect on me and really wakes me up. Definitely getting again.

Sexy - Strong Scent: Patouchli. The Jasmine and Lime blend well with the Patchouli creating this pleasant sweet smell that I cannot get enough of. And that pleasantness does make me feel in a more pleasurable mood and desire just a bit. I'm in love with this one by far I feel it's the best.

I honestly can't wait to try out the other ones. I hope this review gives you guys an idea of what to expect for those that are new ^^. Definitely, recommend starting out with one." —Sara M. Any 4 Blends


"These are so awesome. Everybody thought they were so cool and wanted one. I need to order more! Loved the vanilla the best." —Linda F. Any 4 Blends

"Love these pens"

"These Monq pens are great for many situations. I love the zen pen to help me relax, especially when it's hard to sleep. The Happy pen lifts up your mood and leaves a great vanilla taste." —Sarah A. Any 4 Blends

"Love the MonQ"

"I have been researching what vapor to use and incidentally came across the idea of essential oils and the health benefits from the other ingredients such as turmeric and ginger etc. I am practicing healthy living avoiding as many chemicals as possible. I tried Sleepy vapor and that really helps relax and put me to sleep. Happy vapor was also great kept me in a great mood whenever I used it and the vanilla was nice felt comforting to me. I tried all that was in my festive pack and really enjoyed them as well. I would recommend this product and would buy again." —Deidra T. Any Seven Pack

"New Favorite!"

"Absolutely love my HAPPY Monq! But I am in love with all my Monqs so I may be a little biased haha. The vanilla is very subtle but still detectable. I feel renewed whenever I breathe it in. I am a huge fan and will definitely be repurchasing!" —Jackie K. Happy

"Satisfied First Time Buyer"

"As a college student (at a university known for its vigorous courses, I might add), I really needed a pick-me-up during midterm week and ads for this product were everywhere. After talking myself into the seemingly risky $20 purchase, I couldn't be more satisfied. The Happy MONQ stood out most to me because of my love for vanilla and the blend is better than I could have imagined. I feel relaxed but focused and motivated at the same time, which is very important when in stressful environments. In addition to the beauty in the blend, the physical act using this product has a soothing element to itself." —Veronica S. Happy

"Sweet Vanilla"

"Gave this to my boyfriend and he loves it! We bought 4 more flavours that night! It has a really strong vanilla scent, which is absolutely lovely if you like vanilla." —Alexandra N. Happy


"Happy is definitely used to bring up your sad days! Anytime I'm feeling gloom I take a few puffs of this Gem and just breathe. I'm not overly happy, just content and relaxed. However it doesn't taste like vanilla.... More like Fennel and Thyme, which upset me at first but I've gotten use to it and it's comforting now. Thank You MONQ!!!" —Alexis F. Happy


"Happy is probably my favorite so far. I love the vanilla in it!" —Tayler R. Happy

"Very HAPPY now!"

"Happy is so uplifting! I love the vanilla in it! It's one of my favorite scents! Will be reordering this when I'm out!" —Lee R. Happy

"Love it"

"Happy MONQ is my goto on these cold short winter days. The blend of vanilla, thyme and fennel are the perfect combination to give me a little pick-me-up, whenever I'm feeling down. Can't wait to try them all" —Wendy L. Happy

"My 2nd Favorite!"

"I am a lover of vanilla, and having that incorporated on the Happy blend makes me Happy itself!!!" —Krystal R. Happy

"Absolutely Great"

"I am more than pleased with my happy monq. The vanilla smells lasts a bit, so you can still smell it after you've finished, which is lovely. The smell all together reminds me of when I was little sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows." —Lucy K. Happy

"Happy is so good"

"I am solute LOVE Happy. It takes so good and it really does make me happy!
I read a lot of ppl were upset with the taste, it does leave a black licorice taste but you can DEFINITELY taste the vanilla as you breathe it in, however it leaves a taste behind similar to black licorice so, if you absolutely can't stand that then this isn't the one for you. As for me... I think it's perfect and it makes me feel amazing." —Alex Happy


"I bought the happy Monq because it's been a hard month or two. It helps improve my mood so much! I love it. Only thing that could improve a little is the taste. It would be nice if there was more vanilla taste and less fennel and thyme. But it still tastes good! I'm buying the seven pack next month...I can't wait to try the rest of them!" —Jackie W. Happy


"I completely love this product. Leaves a trace of vanilla in your mouth, and just overall is great." —Hannah M. Happy


"I have been using aromatherapy for years. Aromatherapy has been my life saver! When I heard of these MONQ aromatherapy pens, I knew I absolutely had to have one. I purchased the Happy pen, because I love anything with Vanilla. This pen has been life changing to me. The fact that I can carry it with me at all times means so much. I will absolutely be purchasing more! Thank you so much for this phenomenonal life changing product!" —Stormy E. Happy

"Love it!!"

"I have five other Monq diffusers and i absolutely love happy! the Vanilla is so lovely and subtle, and it blends so well with the rest. Buy it!!" —Talia A. Happy

"Incredibly balancing and uplifting!"

"Happy has been an absolute boon for coping with the spiraling blues. There's something about it that helps lift me up out of the gloom and clears my head. The scent is definitely a bit earthy with a touch of anisette, from the thyme and fennel, but on the exhale, you get sweet, silken notes of vanilla that taste almost like sunshine. It's an odd combo , but it works. In fact, I am buying a new one to replace the original one that my boyfriend absconded with- he thought it was absolutely delicious and didn't want to give it back! I was also vey pleased with how long it lasted- some of them (Looking at YOU, Healthy), start to lose some notes after the first few days of use, but two weeks in with pretty regular use, and the Happy Monq was still going strong!" —Meredith M. Happy

"Stress Free and Happy"

"I heard about Monq through one of my favourite Youtubers and I thought, why not give it a go? I bought the 'Happy' and the 'Vibrant' and was very impressed. 'Happy' contains vanilla, thyme and fennel which really helped to clear my head and keep me positive throughout the day. My favourite so far is definitely the 'Vibrant'. It contains lemon, ginger and spearmint which helps to keep me awake during the day. I will be buying the full pack next!" —Tonya G. Happy

"Lifts my mood"

"I just decided to try happy even though I have been so happy with the Zen blend. Happy is a very delicious blend with vanilla thyme and fennel. There is equal amounts of each plant to create a delicious taste. The oils work together to uplift your mood." —Sabrina G. Happy

"Happy Review"

"I love Happy, the scent of it itself is a happy smell especially with the vanilla, I find that when using it I am feeling a bit happier emotionally than before." —Katerina M. Happy


"I love Happy! It is my go to everything! My MONQ, my spice, my perfume etc. Something about vanilla makes me very happy! It puts me in my "happy" place. Happy is perfect!" —Sandy Doran Happy


"I love my Happy !! It definitely is soothing and refreshing with that vanilla . It is not over whelming or strong. But just enough to smell delicious and make you feel great. I will be buying this again." —Mamalana3 Happy

"Love it!"

"I love my Happy MONQ so much. I even bought another MONQ to try out to see if I like it as much as this one! (I'm sure I will) all my friends are super jealous I have a MONQ and want one now. If you're not sure if you should buy this or not, do it! The taste is kind of "earthy" with a hint of vanilla. I find it to relax me and use it before I go into work." —Katelyn N. Happy


"I love the smell of vanilla and I feel great after using this product" —Tyejah W. Happy


"I love the sweet taste of vanilla and I think it's the best out of all of them" —Janette C. Happy

"Happiness in one puff!"

"I love the tingle this blend has! The mix of earthiness of thyme and fennel with the sweetness vanilla is a great combo to makr you instantly happy. Definitely buying again!" —Amanda S. Happy



"love It!"

"I love this monq the vanilla leaves a sweet taste in my mouth while the fennel and thyme really relaxes me." —mae d. Happy

"So happy with Happy"

"I love this product! After a meeting or day, I can use my diffuser and my nerves just melts away. I love the scent of vanilla mixed in. To me it reminds me of sugar cookies. I ca n't wait to try the other blends!" —Stephanie T. Happy

"Love It!"

"I love vanilla, SO I just had to have Happy. It was Great! When ever I get overwhelmed, I just breath in a little Happy and I am up and ready to go do anything." —Shelby W. Happy

"This is so good!"

"I purchased Happy, Zen and Active. Happy is one of my favourites. I love the sweet taste of the Vanilla and the Thyme and Fennel add a slight planty taste to it which is not too overpowering. It definitely helps lift my mood and makes me feel happy. The only downside is that they make your mouth feel quite dry but I guess that happens with diffusers and vapourised water/oils." —Shannon B. Happy

"Happy Monq"

"I really enjoy the Happy Blend. I think there should be more vanilla in the mix though.... The fennel and thyme are very over powering over the vanilla. But it makes me feel Better as well. I will buy other blends, too." —Jennifer T. Happy

"Great stuff!"

"I really enjoy the hint of vanilla." —Ana G. Happy

"I am Happy with Happy"

"I really felt the chnage when i used Happy and when u took a breal from it. The mixture of the fennel, vanilla and thyme has a wonderful smell that keeps me content.." —Taraneh F. Happy

"Great, puts me in the good mood every day :)"

"I really like the flavour, it starts off with vanilla sweetness and ends on a very herby note. It definitely puts me in a good mood and it's my everyday starter" —Michal J. Happy

"Love it!"

"I really like this one. Thee vanilla in it is very good and the thyme is nice and subtle." —Makenzie D. Happy


"I really love how the vanilla and thyme taste was lingering after using this!
It really helped me relax and feel less overworked. I'm one of those who stresses a lot over exams/quizes and tests
and this is gonna help me a lot. And best thing is that its small and portable, so I could pop it in my bag and bring it around with me
and just use it whenever I need them!
Love it!!" —Safinah K. Happy

"Love it!!!!"

"I really love this product! Not only does the aromatherapy help but it also greets me to slow down my breathing, which helps me feel more calm and uplifted.
When you breathe in too fast, you taste more of the fennel. When you slow down, you get more of the vanilla, which i prefer.

I saw this ad in passing and I'm so glad my curiosity got the better of me and i clicked on it!

I'm gonna order the 4 pack next, as soon as i decide which 4 to get anyway! I can't wait to try Vibrant." —Kathryn S. Happy

"Mountain and happy"

"I recently purchased the mountain as well as the happy monq. I enjoyed happy fat more than I did the mountain. My boyfriend ended up loving mountain so it worked out well. For me, mountain was much too minty. I prefer the forest over mountain but perhaps it's only because I like more earthy scents.
Happy was light but warm in the sense that the vanilla played well with the Fennel(which was pretty bold the first few times). And depending if I was upset or passive when using, the more bold the fennel was." —Amanda Y. Happy

"I thought my happy monq"

"I thought my happy monq was super enjoyable! The perfect hint of vanilla." —Rachael K. Happy

"Nice taste"

"I wasn't sure how i would feel about the vanilla but it tasted pretty nice with the fennel. And the happy one was a surprise, the black pepper was actually good!" —Megan F. Happy

"Fast delivery!"

"I'm from Canada and it only took 6 days from when I placed my order for to get to my door steps! So awesome! Then I open to package to be kind of skeptical as to the happy monq flavours (reviews suggest it doesn't have a very strong vanilla aspect which is the reason I picked it) but was delighted that it's a nice flavour and smell. Order zen too haven't tried it yet. So far so good though!" —Jennifer R. Happy

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