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monq reviews on stress relief


MONQ: Some Reviews on Stress Relief

Please enjoy some MONQ reviews about stress relief below:

MONQ Diffusers are well known to alleviate stress, and in fact, we have received over a thousand reviews telling us about the stress relieving capabilities of MONQ.


"I love this product. I suffer from general daily stress and I love this product with all of my heart. Specifically, “Zen” has improved my sleeping habits and totally changed how I prioritize my time between relaxing and studying for my college classes. I am truly grateful for MONQ." —Brooke G. Zen

"My Zen Monq"

"I’ve been hearing about Monq for several years now. At first I wasn’t sure about it but finally I decided to give it a shot. I struggle with stress and thought using this might help. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it! It really melts my stress away and relaxes me during stressful times. I’ll definitely be using Monqs more often!" —Victoria P. Zen

"Absolutely Amazing!"

"I saw a review video on Facebook & I figured I’d give it a try. It ended up being one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I use them everyday. My favorite is the zen one. I get really badstress & the zen pen is a life saver for me. I’ll definitely be going back for a 3rd order. Thank you for having such an amazing product." —Justin E. Any 7 Blend


"I got the 10 pack because I wasn't sure which blends I'd like, and it turns out that blends I didn't think I'd like I love. Using MONQ has been helping me with my stress and even help ease nausea at times. It's nice to just take a few minutes to myself and breathe. I think my favorite blends are Happy, Vibrant, and Active. I'll definitely be purchasing more when I run out." —Elizabeth W. Any 10 Blends


"They are amazing! I absolutely love them! My friend Zoe told me about them helping her with herstress, so I gave them a try and so glad I did! I loved my first order so much I placed a second order right after I tried it for the first time, they taste great! I love the healthy, sexy, zen, sleepy, and happy! I highly recommend them! Very fast shipping! And will definitely be ordering again soon! Thank you so much!" —Taylor S. Zen

"Zen Diffuser"

"So this is my second time purchasing from Monq and so far I’ve ordered 3 Zen diffusers ! I love them!!! I suffer with stress everyday and tension I’m my lymphnodes I’m my neck. Using Monq everyday has caused me to not have those issues for a little over a month now . You feel “zen” within 2 minutes of taking your breaths..and the effect lasts for hours. I’m so pleased. Just a mellow feeling that doesn’t necessarily take away your mood but just helps you to relax with if you’re tense." —Epahnee T. Zen

"MONQ has changed my life!"

"I have stress and .... I was always looking for a way to stay calm and then i heard about MONQ so I decided to try ZEN and It has helped me so much! I have since brought a few more and it honestly gets me through my every day and and really helps me when i start to stress out or panic. Would definitely recommend to anyone!" —Ashlee K. Ocean

"Happy really is amazing"

"I really love happy it's been lasting me awile at first I had to figure out how to puff the right way and I did it. I love how it has a smooth taste .my coworker wants me to buy her one but not to powerful and this would be perfect for her. Taste great!!!can't wait to try more next time. There cute and you can take it where ever u go. I work stressful job and I love how it relaxes me." —Amanda R. Happy

"Zen is amazing"

"I have stress and use aromatherapy and essential oils. I heard about Monq watching one of my favorite YouTubers. I decided to try Zen first. I love it! It has helped me so much already. I was so impressed I ordered Love, Happy, and Vibrant. They just came today and I love them all. I just ordered the Spring 4 pack and can't wait to try them! Thank you Monq for creating these, they really help." —Linda I. Zen

"Just what I had hoped for!"

"I had a friend who introduced me to monq a few weeks ago, I was having a really stressful time and due to that stress, my immune system was down. I had never used anything like this (or ever somoked at all) so it was kinda fun getting to play around with it! I ended up with a nasty cold that everyone else ended up with for at least a couple of weeks! But the difference between them and me was that mine lasted for only three days!! I totally believe it was because of the essential oils in the monq pen! I had the zen at that time. It totally sold me on these products! So I bought the vibrant and it has been exactly what I had hoped for! Totally works and tastes and feels fantastic! Thank you so much for designing this great quality product!" —Heidi C. Vibrant

"I bought sleepy, zen, active"

"I bought sleepy, zen, active, healthy, and sexy. I have tried all but sexy yet and I love them. The sleepy helps me to fall asleep peaceful, and I don’t wake up drowsy. The zen helps me to destress. Active gives me a boost of energy without the jitters. I took healthy when I was starting to feel my nose and throat bother me. It helped me breathe throughout the day with taking a lot of meds or feeling blah. Love them and will order more when I start to run out." —Anna K. Any 10 Blends

"It's great!"

"I was super skeptical about this, because this is my first time dealing with aromatherapy and I have high stress, and I just take a couple puffs off zen and I feel relaxed and peaceful and can finish what ever I'm doing!" —Megan K. Zen

"Love love love!"

"I ordered the 4 pack for $69 and got mountain, ocean, sleepy, and zen. I used them for 3 weeks and I’d definitely recommend the zen for people with a high stress it definitely helped calm me down and relax my nerves. Mountain and sleepy were also great ones especially if you have trouble sleeping they definitely give you a peaceful feeling. A lot of people said ocean made them feel like they were on a beach I didn’t really get that feeling if anything it made me feel refreshed but zen is definitely a must have." —Marinaca W. Any 4 Blends

"Effective Stress Reducer"

"I'm not sure if it's some form of placebo effect or actually the pen itself, but anytime I'm anxious or distressed I find myself utilizing the Zen pen. Even if it was just a placebo effect, I would be completely fine with it because I enjoy the "taste" of Zen, and I find it rather soothing. I adore aromatherapy, and I find it amazing that I can now bring it with me. As for price, I think it's rather fair because these /are/ organic ingredients, and essential oils by themselves can be a bit pricey; so, add in the science of making it portable... it's totally fair. I would highly recommend this pen; it's my favorite one outside of the nature pens." —Racheal W. Zen

"Really relaxing"

"The combination of the oils really relaxed me and de-stress. I also really like the scent of the combination of the oils. I recommend getting this blend for anyone that wants to relax and loves subtle minty smells." —Bryn W. Zen

"Love them!!!!!"

"I got the ocean one because I thought it would be nice for college because it is such a stressful environment. And I got it and instantly loved it. Taste great and instantly calms me down. My boyfriend thought it was very girly and thought it was a waste of money but now HE LOVES IT. We both will be purchasing more in the near future." —Kaitlynn G. MONQ


"I use it after a long stressful day at work and it helps me calm down enough to relax at home. I use it sometimes before work to make sure I’m in a good positive mindset for what is required of me. 100% will buy again!" —Anjelica B. Zen

"New Favorite Product!"

"As a very busy college student, I ordered ZEN to help with stress levels. I don't think I could have gotten through the first two weeks of Spring semester without it. Can't wait to try some of the other blends!" —Kari S. Zen


"I was skeptical about the effects of essential oils, and how MONQ would help my stress. But I was surprised to find it does help and now I'm obsessed! Whenever I'm stressed MONQ always helps me regulate my breathing and cheers me up. Although they don't make my mood do a 180, they definitely help, even if it's just in my head. Also, they taste and smell amazing. They're like magic in a tube!" Meghan D. Happy

"I absolutely love my Monq!!!"

"The sleepy really helps me to fall asleep better, quicker, and deeper. Zen calms me down when I freak out. Active helps me to get up and go. Vibrant is good for when I'm writing or studying. Ocean, Forest, and Mountain I feel are also good for stress attacks just like zen! I love them all!!!" Chelsea S. Feel Nature

"Favorite so far!"

"I purchased Zen, Vibrant, Sexy and Active. Active blend is definitely my favorite! It's uplifting and just wonderful! It's not like these are magical and give me a crazy boost of energy, but they do have a positive effect on my mood and have been very helpful in de-stressing throughout the day. I am planning on getting this one again and excited to try some new ones too." —SCiotti31 Zen

"Ahhhh relaxed"

"Excellent way to help people through their stresses. I hope others discover the truth about this service. I have completely enjoyed my experience with these products no matter which blend I have tried they all taste and smell and feel comfortable and I never worry about getting too much good feelings. It’s my alternative to ECig or Vape Machines" —Madelyn H. Zen

"Better Than I Expected"

"Honestly I was skeptical when I bought Zen. I had tried various forms of aromatherapy in the past and found they had little to know effect on me. Monq has been different because the aromas are so direct and intense. I use Zen occasionally to help with stress and I plan on trying other blends to see if they work as well" —Kelly S. Zen

"Awesome product"

"I came across this and was immediately intrigued by it. I wanted to try vibrant but tried Zen instead since I was stressing out a bit. Once I learned how to actually breathe it lol (it took a while), I instantly told my friend about and encouraged her to get one as well. Zen made me calm and I enjoyed the smell of it. I will be buying again! Thanks Monq!" —Katrina R. Zen

"So great!"

"I've been using these for quite a while now. And while I love them all, the 3 nature ones are my absolute favorite. It helps calm me on a stressful day because it takes me to a place in my mind, past, that I can be at peace with. And sometimes it's just a nice taste and scent. I absolutely LOVE Ocean." Rebecca C. Ocean


"I've ordered from my MONQ three times now and have always been impressed by the great service. during christmas there was a technical glitch and when my order arrived, I was ecstatic to receive a free monk Zen pen for my inconvenience. I Love these products so much. Serious game changer for my stress management <3" —Donna H. Happy

"Pleasantly surprised!"

"I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Zen MonQ. It has a light and pleasant taste and smell. It did actually help reduce my stress level. Truthfully, I didn't expect it to do anything. I would recommend this to anyone who has high stress. 4 puffs, breathing in through the mouth and breathing out through the nose worked for me. It lasts for a few hours too. Next I want to try happy or energy!" —April F. Zen

"It really works"

"Great product! I bought the Zen blend to start off because I heard that it was the most popular out of all the diffusers and was specifically created for stress. I immediately experienced good results and my stress was helped very much. It's almost like you let the stress out with your exhale. Now I've ordered Ocean and Sleepy and plan on ordering more in the near future! Glad I gave this a try!" Christa L. Zen

"Zen is amazing!"

"I've struggled with stress a lot at my job. High stress high portfolio accounting type stuff just wreaks havoc on my nerves. When I started having stress induced arrhythmia I decided to look into stress relief techniques rather than be put on a medication for the rest of my life. Then I happened across a YouTube review of Monq. I'd always heard about essential oils and how there's so much you can do with them so I did it. I took the leap of faith and I am so glad I did! My stress levels at work with monq are under control and I can confidently handle clients even the stressful ones with ease. Thanks Monq you guys rock!" —Taylor H. Zen

"2 weeks later and I'm still obsessed!"

"I am obsessed and now all of my friends are too! I don't know how I ever made it through my stressful days at work before these little gems. Zen is my favorite but I also favor the active one at the end of my days leading up to my workouts after work. Check them out you won't be disappointed!" —Cassandra M. Zen


"I only bought the sleepy mix of scents, just to try it out for the first time, but I found that it really helped me to fall asleep when I needed to, even if I had to go to bed earlier than I normally do and wasn't already tired at that point. It also helped me to relax after particularly stressful days at work. I am definitely going to buy again when I can afford the whole set." —Kristina B. Zen

"Best Product Ever"

"I am a stay-at-home-mom and I always work from home doing essential oil classes, so my day has a lot of ups and downs, from being worn out from the moment I wake up to being stressed with so many things to do, MONQ has helped greatly dealing with these moods. I tell everyone I talk to about essential oils about MONQ and how it has helped me so much." —Jamie B. Zen

"Love my MONQ!"

"I can't say enough good things. I love the feel of it -- perfectly weighted and smooth -- and how the jewel lights up at the end. The vapor itself is smooth and pleasant-tasting and a few puffs are enough to take the edge off during a stressful day. I can't wait to buy more!" —Maggie B. Zen


"I was skeptical about this product at first I got the Zen but once I tried it I really couldn’t believe how well it helped me! I wanted something natural to help with my stress and after once puff I start feeling myself calm. After Christmas I’m buying more and would love to try new ones!" —Ashley L. Zen

"Perfect !"

"I heard about Monq on Facebook and I was interested in the Zen one (you know, because of the fact that it helps with stress) but I wasn't sure it would work and actually it does ! I have less panic attacks, when I feel anxious I take it and it gently calms me down, I will order another one really soon so that I always have one with me - and why not test the Happy one or others?" —Lea F. Zen

"Much more resilient to stress"

"Bad news and bad people never seem to get to me as it used to before. I accept things in a better mood now! All my love and best wishes are with you Monq!!!" —Brianna S. Sleepy

"Works amazing!!!"

"I recently purchased Zen and Ocean, and these honestly have helped my stress so much. Whenever I feel flustered or like I'm going to break down, I just breathe in the natural blends and feel back to normal. Definitely will purchase again in the future." —Haiden P. Ocean

"I love this stuff!"

"When I first discovered MONQ, I was just going through Amazon for something to help relieve my stress. Bought a stick of Zen and it was so refreshing. This is the type of stuff that will make you feel so good at the end of the day." —Zach Z. Zen


"My MONQ has changed my life! The mountain blend is super good, I didn’t even tell my friend what blend it was and he knew it tasted like trees! This has helped my stress greatly, and allows me to relax. Such a game changer!!" —Julie D. Mountain

"Really works!"

"This blend truly surprised me! It tastes and smells amazing! After the first use I could actually feel my mind and my muscles relaxing. I felt....well.. ZEN! Great product that I have already recommended to friends." —Chanelle V. Zen

"Absolute Favorite"

"I chose this because the mountains are my "happy place." This simulated the 'feeling' of being there so well! I find this one to be the most effective for my stress than any other MONQ. It really helps me stay grounded. The taste/smell is crisp, clean, and soothing. Definitely something I will repurchase." —Amanda T. Mountain


"The Zen monq was absolutely brilliant. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but once I did that was it. I truly found that it helped me find center when I was stressed." —madison L. Sleepy

"The Best!!!"

"I’ve been using my MONQ products almost everyday and I’m obsessed! These little guys are truely relaxing. If you have a high stress job or have trouble managing stress MONQ is for you!" —Emily Any 3


"I tried Zen and loved it! It really helped me to relax and destress from school and work and it made me feel so calm and peaceful. I’m definitely going to be purchasing it again, and I’m super excited to try the other blends!" —Cami C. Zen

"Match made in heaven"

"I had studied monq for a good month before making the purchase and let me tell you, it's worth the study because after I purchased monq I didn't like it at first because I was breathing all wrong, you see monq is amazing if you follow the directions of how to use it and the proper times of using it. Since there is such thing as to much of anything, I personally love Zen as it's helped me alot to deal with some life stresses." Zen

"My new favorite thing!"

"I have really been feeling the stress of school and work lately and Zen is the perfect thing to help me relax before I go to sleep. Definitely will be gifting to my friends this holiday season!" —K C. Zen

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