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MONQ reviews on energy


MONQ: Some Reviews on Energy

Please enjoy some MONQ reviews about energy below:

"I Love this stuff!!!"

"I love this product! When I saw an ad on FB I got really curious but a little skeptical. So I ordered one which was active. I was surprised at
how few puffs gave me a boost of energy. So the very first day I received my MONQ I placed an order for 3 more different blends. I can't wait to try all the blends! Hopefully, this product will be around for a long time! It's such a fun and clever way to get my essential oils!" —Delia Active

"Love Vibrant!!"

"Vibrant is by far my favorite blend. I start feeling more energetic usually a couple minutes after my first puff, and the energy resonates with me for at least a couple hours." —Joan H. Vibrant

"Absolute Miracle"

"I am so pleased with this product. I ordered the pack of 7 because I wanted to try them all and it was such a great deal. I am not disappointed. I normally toss and turn all night, but after using the Sleepy blend, I was asleep in under an hour. I used the Vibrant blend when I woke up, and had an energetic start to my morning. Before leaving for work, I tried Happy. I am not kidding when I say it changed my outlook on life this morning. When I get home from work, I usually go on a run. I tried Active before my run and it gave me a boost of energy. When I returned, I tried healthy. and really enjoyed the taste. After doing some chores, I sat down in bed and tried Zen. This is my favorite blend so far. Not only is it smooth and tasty, but it put me in a great head space to relax before I indulge in Sleepy and go to bed. I am really able to incorporate these blends into my daily routine which I absolutely love. They all work quickly which surprised me. I had an amazing day and I credit it to MONQ. The only one I haven't tried yet is Sexy, but I am looking forward to it! This is an honest review, and I am so pleased with the customer service, product, taste, packaging, everything. If you are on the fence, I'd say it is worth your money to use these. They really help give a boost to my day. I am in love with this product. Thank you MONQ!!" —Victoria 7-pack

"I love all the MONQs!!!"

"I got the pack of all 7 so I could try them out and see which ones I liked best, so I could purchase them individually from there. But now that I've tried them all I might keep getting the 7 pack again!! They have helped me so much with my stress, but also whenever I need extra energy or uplifting they help so well! I love them!" —Colleen R. 7-pack

"Best Buy Ever!"

"These are amazing. They work so well and help me with so many things. The active gives me energy and helps me wake up. The sleep one is amazing. I have never slept so well in my life." —Morgan F.

"Vibrant MONQ gives you a kick to do something"

"After taking a few breath of Vibrant MONQ I feel like doing something creative, and I actually do it." —Agata S. Vibrant

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