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Reviews about mint in mountain monq


MONQ Reviews: Mint Makes Customers Feel Refreshed

"I can't wait for more!!!"

"I was skeptical about monq at first because I heard about it on youtube and I thought "oh these YouTubers are just being sponsored". But when my favorite youtube talked about it and promised she wasn't being sponsored, I decided to give it a try. I purchased Mountain and it really does help calm me down. I put myself through very difficult situations and my monq has truly helped me relax. I honestly can not wait to try more. I would definitely recommend Mountain if you like peppermint. The next one I am going to try is Zen because I hear great things about it. I can't wait!" —Mia P. Any 7 Blends

"Mostly loved them"

"Honestly, I think this four-pack is a really good way to see what blends you like without spending a ton of money like on the seven or ten packs (not that they're not worth it but they are a bit pricey) I got sexy, happy, active, and vibrant. I love all of them except for vibrant. I found that the spearmint dried out my mouth a lot. But I love the rest of them!" —Rose S. Any 4 Blends

"A staple in my daily routine!"

"I have tried Sleepy, Zen, Happy and my absolute new favorite Vibrant; I love the ginger and spearmint in it which really refreshes the senses!" —Nicole L. Any 4 Blends

"Love these"

"I ordered a 4-pack which included Zen, Happy, Active & Healthy. Active is by far my favorite! It tastes the best! I like Zen & Healthy too. Not too crazy about the taste of the Happy blend. I wish there was a headache blend with peppermint and such that would be amazing!" —Raelyn Z. Any 4 Blends

"Love the blends!"

"Love that I can slightly taste the ginger and spearmint in Vibrant. It makes for a great combo. The others are part of the nature series and are truly relaxing!! The mountain one is my favorite!!" —Sarah H. Any 4 Blends


"Cool and pepperminty but also cozy like a warm peppermint blanket. Definitely lives up to it's name and my favorite blend I've taisted so far :)" —Lauren W. Cheer

"Very pleasant!"

"I received this scent as a mystery package and I wasn't sure what I was going to think of it as I wasn't a fan of the fall holiday scent. I was pleasantly surprised by this diffuser! It has a really nice, nostalgic smell. I think the peppermint comes through pretty strongly, but I really like mint. All in all, this is an enjoyable selection." —Cory Cheer

"New user, great scent"

"I recently became a Monq user for the first time and wanted to try the Cheer blend. For me, the sandalwood is very clear on the inhale and the exhale is all peppermint. I really enjoy this scent! It definitely leaves me with a sense of calm and yet at the same time, I feel almost like a hopeful feeling. I don't really associate it specifically with Christmas or the holidays. For me, it's just a nice calming blend with a tiny hint of uplifting. If I feel like I need centering with a bit more energy than the Zen gives, this is my go-to." —Jamie B. Cheer


"The bit of peppermint is so refreshing." —Samantha B. Cheer

"Stress-Free and Happy"

"I heard about Monq through one of my favorite YouTubers and I thought, why not give it a go? I bought the 'Happy' and the 'Vibrant' and was very impressed. 'Happy' contains vanilla, thyme, and fennel which really helped to clear my head and keep me positive throughout the day. My favorite so far is definitely the 'Vibrant'. It contains lemon, ginger, and spearmint which helps to keep me awake during the day." —Tonya G. Happy

"Absolutely love it! Calms me"

"Absolutely love it! Calms me and revives me especially with the peppermint" —Chana R. Mountain

"Breath Deep"

"Amazing! Peppermint in this is awesome! New favorite blend!" —Larry Cook Mountain

"Don't knock it until you try it!!!!"

"At first I was a little hesitant about getting it sure juniper, peppermint, and pine sound good but would it be good in pen form the answer is yes it gives you the nidtaglua of peppermint gum and being out in nature and smelling the trees. And plants, if you also like the smell of and being out in nature you most likely will love this blend." —Brianna W. Mountain

"A moment of peace"

"Breathing this blend, I felt a strong sense of tranquility. The combination of the earthy tones with the freshness of the peppermint is very pleasant and evokes a feeling of solitude, a connection with the elements and nature." —Lisa Mountain

"I love my Mountain MONQ. The scent of juniper is amazing and the peppermint is just perfect!"

"Ever since I've been using this product, I've felt a lot more at ease!" —Antonia S. Mountain


"Great blend. Tingle from the peppermint on the back end." —Steve W. Mountain


"I have really enjoyed Mountain - the juniper and pine make me feel like I'm out hunting for Christmas trees and the spearmint leaves a pleasant tingling sensation. I can't wait to try new blends ♡" —Anneliese F. Mountain

"So Refreshing"

"I literally just got this in the mail 20 minutes ago and I ripped it out of the package and fell in love. When you exhale through your nose, you can smell the pine and you taste the peppermint! Couldn't be more reminiscent of a trip to the mountains. I would definitely buy from Monq again." —Nicole Mountain

"Minty & Refreshing"

"I love this monq because it feels like I'm on a frosty mountain as I inhale the peppermint & pine. It's lovely!" —Anna K. Mountain

"I own all the blends"

"I own all the blends except Healthy and Ocean. This is one of my top three favorites of all 10 blends. The pine creates an illusion of being outdoors. The peppermint is clever because the cold sensation reminds you of snow, which is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of mountains." —Kelsea T. Mountain

"A refreshing blend"

"I think this is one of my new favorites. The peppermint is refreshing and I love to use this before bed. I feel that I can breathe better after using this blend. The blend of oils is a great combination. I like the freshness and cool scent." —Anita S. Mountain

"It's like a Christmas tree with peppermint"

"I wasn't quite sure if I would like this blend at first, but now that I have had it for a while, I have come to enjoy it a lot. It makes me feel like I'm in a forest." —Kayla H. Mountain

"Mountain Bliss!"

"I've purchased quite a few blends so far and this is definitely in my top 3! It's so clean, fresh, and feels like you've escaped into the mountains for a breath of clean air. The peppermint is pretty prominent and I loved it. I also got my best friend into this one too, and she's obsessed! Definitely purchasing again!" —Amanda S. Mountain

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