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Reviews About Active MONQ Helping Give Customers Energy


MONQ Reviews: Active Gives Customers Energy

Please note - Active MONQ is not available at this time. Try Fresh MONQ instead.


"I love the smell, and the energy pack gave me the extra boost to get through work for sure!;)" —Sydney S. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal

"Love my Zen MONQ!!!!"

"I purchased all 7 MONQ blends to try and see if any would help with harder days and hopefully more energy. Working 12-14hr. days at a hospital, I wanted something simple. So far, the Zen, Active and Vibrant MONQ has been my personal favorites. I will definitely be getting more soon!!!!" —Brad D. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal


"Active has an amazing taste to it and helps me have energy whenever I need it!!!" —Cynthia G. Active

"Much needed energy boost"

"An amazing product. Taking 1 inhale when I wake up gives me the boost I need to get out of that morning funk. Working wonders for me." —Zoe K. Active


"I have always struggled to find something to give me a little energy boost. This REALLY helps! The taste is great and I carry it with me everywhere. Honestly could not recommend these enough!" —Emily L. Active


"Before trying active blend MONQ I was always tired and groggy, I always had no energy to do anything. Now after trying it I noticed immediately that I was more aware, more awake and had more energy to do things around the house! I love this!" —Erika B. Active


"First of all, the smell is great! It's very cooling. The product did not work how I was expecting, but it works! I was expecting to be able to use it in the morning before my workouts to give me an extra surge of energy, but it didn't really do that. However, when I was tired from a long day at work and used it to keep my energy up for the rest of the day, it worked! It gives me the extra kick I need in the middle of the day to ensure all of my stuff gets done, and I can still make it to yoga!" —Micayla K. Active


"Gives a nice little burst of energy. I like using it before work to help wake me up a bit. I will be ordering more and trying some of the others." —lasondra s. Active

"Gives just enough energy without"

"Gives just enough energy without feeling jittery" —Sydney S. Active

"Works great"

"Gives me energy and smells nice" —Shawna Y. Active


"I absolutely LOVE my Active MONQ. I felt so much energy to get my math work done, which is rare for math class and me." —Raven F. Active

"Great product!"

"I absolutely love my monq active! It gives me so much natural energy with no crash at all ! & highly recommend this product!" —Vanessa J. Active

"Absolutely in love"

"I absolutely love my monq active. It actually gives me energy and the ability to strive harder" —Ansley H. Active


"I absolutely love my Monq. It gives me the perfect boost of energy right when I need it." —Sarah W. Active


"I absolutely love this! It gives me so much energy and motivation! Definitely my go-to pick me up!!" —Katie S. Active

"Active Monq"

"I absolutely loved my active monq, it was so great and gave me that pure energy I was urning for." —Ember V. Active


"I am using the active blend and absolutely love the outcome. I have more energy and not as tired." —Henrietta M. Active

"Simply AMAZING"

"I bought this with a semi-open mind that it would work, and boy does it work, it gives you that little bit of energy you need to do what you need to do. I will definitely buy again" —Katherine F. Active

"MONQ Active"

"I enjoy using my MONQ Active while I am getting ready for work and at my lunch breaks. A few breaths and a small cup of coffee get me through the afternoon energy drop. I have recommended this to my daughter and several friends." —Sharon T. Active

"Active MONQ"

"I have absolutely loved my Active MONQ! I use it every morning when I first wake up! And before I go to the gym! Before I started using this product I was running low on energy and this has given me an extra boost. Stoked to try the other MONQ's that you offer!!" —Carly J. Active

"My favorite!"

"I love active! It gives me energy without the jittery feeling of coffee." —Amber K. Active


"I love active. It really helps when I don't have the energy to even play with my kids." —Marilyn P. Active

"Love Active"

"I love Monq active. It gives me a boost of energy. It tastes great." —Madelene P. Active

"Best thing ever!!"

"I love this one!! I've tried this and the sexy one. This definitely gave me extra energy and smelled amazing!" —Cecilia Y. Active

"Love it!"

"I love this! My mood and energy have gone up!" —Elizabeth B. Active

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