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reviews about feeling nostalgic


MONQ Makes Customers Feel Nostalgic


"I purchased Zen and Sexy but didn't think too much of them besides them being a chance for me to stop and breathe, but when I decided to give Forest a try, I fell in love. I can smell the pine- not overpoweringly, but enough for it to be nostalgic. I will definitely be purchasing this blend again." —Stephanie K. Forest

"My favorite!"

"It's just like walking in the forest and breathing that clean, crisp air. It's relaxing and nostalgic, can't think of anything lovelier." —Issa S. Forest

"Its was great, really relaxing"

"It was great, really relaxing and nostalgic for me" —Kyle G. Forest


"Out of every single MONQ I've tried, Vibrant is my favorite. Something is nostalgic about it. And it also has this energetic, focused feeling I get from it. But that's just me." —Vixitty Vibrant

"Zen purchase"

"I've always loved the zen but the forest one is new for me and I loved it as well. I live in downtown Chicago but I'm originally from a more wooded area and this is nostalgic for me." —Hannah L. Zen

"Nostalgic aroma and yet we're strangers..."

"Wonderful product. It really helped calm down my mind. These really need to be made with rechargeable batteries and refillable cartridges though, or they will lose their consumers." —Brianna A. Zen

"So calming"

"Zen is exactly what it is, not only do the smells remind me of nature and the forest but they have a nostalgic scent to them too, I'm very happy with this purchase and my friends love it too!" —Kjell R. Zen

"Ocean R Blend POD"

"It has sort of a nostalgic smell to it that I love. I love that I tried this one out." —Alexa R. Ocean R POD

"Please keep Cheer as a permanent fixture!"

"This flavour is so good, such a great mix of sweet, spicy, and minty. Definitely one of my all-time favourites, and I’ve bought and tried every single flavour. I really hope you keep Cheer as a permanent flavour, and the nostalgic scent would be amazing to access all year round." —Chelsea S. Cheer

"Ocean is dope!"

"People say it reminds them of a nostalgic time at the beach, and I’d have to agree 100% with them! Idk how MONQ does it but it’s spot on." —Daniel M. Top 3 POD Pack

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