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reviews about customers relaxing with MONQ


Customers Say MONQ Helps Them Relax

"First Time User of MONQ"

"I have found them to be very smooth. The mood seems to be helpful but light changes. I have given two away for others to try. I wish sometimes there was something to really give me the push I need. But they are nice to relax and calm self. I do like them and gave one to my Mom. She and I are non-smokers so these are nice to use." —Rhonda B. Any 10 Blends

"I love them! They help"

"I love them! They help me relax and channel different moods! :)" —Kaitlyn F. Any 10 Blends

"Absolutely love them!"

"I purchased the ten pack so I could try them all and see which ones would be my go-to's for future purchases, and I must say they are all great blends and all very much different and distinct. I love the Zen, would definitely say my most used. I really enjoy the vibrant and active, and use my sleepy each night before bed and really helps me relax which I have troubles with. Thanks for great products! :)" —Danielle P. Any 10 Blends

"Allows me to relax, great"

"Allows me to relax, great taste, and the aroma is pleasant" —John T. Active


"I absolutely love my Monq! It is so convenient and perfect if you need a little reminder to relax and be active. I have also purchased a sleep Monq and it helps me to sleep better at night." —Breanna M. Active


"I love this product! This was the very first one I purchased and now I plan to purchase the sleepy and happy one next. The key is to really relax and take slow breaths with it and make sure you exhale through your nose." —Mckenna S. Active

"My monqs"

"I loved the scents well worth the buy! They smell like tea and helped me relax." —Liliana T. Active


"I use this as part of my pre-workout and it helps me relax and feel energized" —Sara L. Active


"I work night shifts, and find it hard to motivate myself to keep going. After starting to use MONQ I found it easier to relax and keep moving #monqActive" —Eden F. Active


"I've been using it for a few weeks now and I definitely will be ordering more! The smell is great and while I got the active one it does help relax and calm me as well. I've turned a few of my friends onto them as well :)" —Shelby N. Active

"Great product"

"They are great at helping my husband and myself relax. My husband is sleeping better and we are both delighted with them. The only downside and the reason I may not be able to afford them again is. Import tax, the MONQ's are quite pricey as it is. I had to pay nearly half the order value in tax. Please find a way to sell them from the UK!!!" —Natalie H. Active 

"Great way to unwind!"

"A couple of puffs of Ocean after work helps me to relax after a long day!" —Deborah S. Any 7 Blends

"All 7 blends~"

"Absolutely love my all 7 blends! Active is perfect to get me going in the morning, and zen helps to relax me after a stressful day of work. Sexy, however, is my favorite! So warm and earthy, I'm in love! I will definitely be purchasing it again! Thank you!" —Natalie H. Any 7 Blends

"It is awesome!"

"Amazing product! It can really help me to relax my nerves, on the go and easy to use! It's Perfect!" —Patricia D. Any 7 Blends

"Fantastic idea! We enjoy all"

"Fantastic idea! We enjoy all of them. My favorite is so far is Healthy. The blend combo is fantastic. I also like Sleepy as it helps to relax me." —RoseAnn M. Any 7 Blends

"Amazing Monq!!"

"For a non-smoker, this is really nice and enjoyable, as well as a delightful way to relax, wake up or feel vibrant!" —Chiara S. Any 7 Blends


"Honestly I was a bit skeptical about using these but after trying them out I loved them. I've been feeling overworked lately but using these really helped me relax. Without a doubt, I will buy again." —Jaileen R. Any 7 Blends

"I absolutely love these things!!!"

"I absolutely love these things!!! What a great way to break up the day and calm/relax a little bit. I can't say I have a favorite as I use whichever one speaks to me at the moment. Thank you for a wonderful product, Monq!" —shari d. Any 7 Blends

"MONQ Rocks!!! :)"

"I Am actually quite pleased with ALL 7 blends. I have enjoyed them soo much that I have been getting all my friends to try them, which they too love them very much. They are super sleek, light, and taste just like what each one says. And the settle feelings of each blend is quite amazing. I am getting the people around me hooked on these MONQ mixes, and I cannot wait to try out the future new blends. After over 6montsh of seeing and researching about MONQ, I Am most definitely happy I found something I can enjoy or relax with that's pure, organic, and not bad for our health." —Tyesha M. Any 7 Blends

"Buy All 7!!!!"

"I bought all 7 blends, and each smell amazing, and have great benefits. The Zen is probably my favorite right now. It helps relax and calm me down." —Lauren B. Any 7 Blends


"I keep Healthy by my bed and use to relax before bed, Zen at my work desk for those stressful times, and Happy whenever I need a boost. Love them all" —April S. Any 7 Blends


"I purchased the variety pack & I'm so glad I did! I love the Zen it is nice and smooth & really does relax you! The sleepy time does I feel like relax you as well! There's not one that I am not in love with!" —Aimee H. Any 7 Blends

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