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reviews about black pepper in active monq


Customers Love the Black Pepper in Active MONQ

"Surprisingly, I loved this"

"I didn't think I'd like the orange or black pepper, but this is invigorating" —Sarah R. Active

"Love my MONQ"

"I had been back and forth about buying MONQ for about a month and I'm really glad I went for it and bought one. It's amazing! I bought the Active MONQ and have shared it with friends, who all love the smell of sage, orange and black pepper. Needless to say, I hope to be treating myself to all seven blends soon!" —Cheyenne A. Active


"I love my active! I was worried about the black pepper but it's very light and smooth. Active definitely put a pep in my step! Would buy again!" —Ashley b. Active

"Active MONQ"

"Love the smell of the black pepper combined with orange in this one!" —Francesca F. Active


"Really great product. Tastes great. I was nervous about the black pepper in it, but it's good!!" —Jannita L. Active

"Amazing blend!"

"This blend has a lot of great properties! I love the way the black pepper combines with the orange and sage to promote an energizing and balancing state of mind!" —John R. Active


"Very refreshing. The orange, black pepper and sage taste equal in this mix." —Jeannine S. Active

"Nice taste"

"I wasn't sure how i would feel about the vanilla but it tasted pretty nice with the fennel. And the happy one was a surprise, the black pepper was actually good!" —Megan F. Happy 

"It's rejuvenating!!"

"I got the Active MONQ as I live an active lifestyle. With a totting toddler, a puppy, a husband who sometimes act like my second kid, overnight shift, needing a break is impossible -- but Active MONQ makes it happen. When I have the chance to find a 5-minute quiet time, I use Active MONQ and looooove the blend of orange, black pepper, and sage! It certainly helps me get through the day and find my 5-minute zen transform into a meditative me-time!" —Helene P. Active

"If you're feeling blue, MONQ is for you."

"I'm blessed to have tried every blend that MONQ currently offers. My all-time favorite is Zen, very balanced. My second favorite is Vibrant, you'll love the spearmint and uplifting feeling it gives. I also enjoy Sexy, it has a musky tone to it from the Jasmine and Patchouli. The Sleepy is nice too, but lemongrass does have a tart tone to it and has a punch, but then the lavender catches up and calms the lemongrass. Healthy is also very balanced and cleansing, perfect for getting a clean start to your day. I also enjoy Active, the black pepper adds a deeper smell not overpowering. They all serve their purpose and have great tones. Definitely worth ordering more!" —T Any 4 Blends

"Pocket Size Aromatherapy Just Got Sleeker"

"I received all 7 mixes and the carrying necklace as a birthday gift about a month ago. Each one comes in a little tube labeled with the 3 scents and the desired 'effect' of them. Each Monq has a personality of its own, but the product line as a whole is designed to be sleek and sophisticated. It gives aromatherapy a modern and minimalist feel by taking out the difficulty of studying aromatherapy and allowing anyone to benefit from it. You don't have to be a professional in different smells or the effects of them; you simply have to know what you want to feel and/or what you want to smell. Monq does the rest of the work for you so you can breathe a little more easily. Out of the 7 current mixes my two favorites are the Zen Monq and the Active Monq. The Zen does wonders to relax me when I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed while the Active has an awesome kick of black pepper that makes you a bit more alert." —Elizabeth D. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal

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