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Customers Love MONQ+


Customers Love MONQ+

MONQ receives so many positive reviews that we can't print them all. Here are a few recent ones.

"Love This Product"

"I normally don’t leave these types of comments, but I received my package last week and I absolutely LOVE this product. I have bad stress and Zen made me feel a wave of calm go through my body. Relieve +cbd actually helped with my back discomfort. Forest made me feel more grounded especially since I can’t really go out because of quarantine. I can’t wait to try Ocean+ and Focus+ CBD blends next! I’m also excited about the Pumpkin Spice one!" –Ally M. Relieve+

"First MONQ I Ran Out of"

"I loved this product so much it was the first out of 12 that I used up. It's probably my absolute favorite blend I've tried. I felt instantly uplifted and refreshed. Will be ordering more ASAP!" –Amy T. Happy+

"We Are All in Love"

It hasn't even been a week since MONQ has released its MONQ +cbd line, and I have already ordered another full set for myself! Especially under the conditions of quarantine, I have been experiencing many waves of stress that feel out of my control. Like many others, I have always had trouble sleeping and controlling my stress. The reason I love MONQ and its products are that not only am I able to experience immediate relief, but I can also feel in control and manage my emotions from a calmer state (These are non-addictive which is another bonus!). I was SHOCKED by how much the roll-on CBD products helped me manage my emotional state my first time using them. I rolled on Sleepy +cbd before bed and slept for hours, and I used Focus +cbd before an exam and felt extremely centered and balanced. I truly feel a difference in my mental state throughout the day, and these products have already changed my life! My mom and extended family have also loved MONQ’s products and have ordered their own MONQ +cbd sets of their own. We are all in love! –Lauren G. Sleepy+ Roll-On

"First-Timer with CBD"

–Dilyn Y. Peace+

"They Were Perfect"

–Alexia R. Happy+ Blend POD

"It's Actually Awesome"

" Piper W. Zen+

"A Little Shocked By How Well It Works"

–Grace Focus+

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