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reviews about how gentle monq is


Customers Love How Gentle MONQ Is

"The Happy and Zen blends"

"The Happy and Zen blends were so calming and gentle and I loved the hint of lime in the ocean blend." —Jessica C. Any 4 Blends

"I'm in love with Zen!"

"I heard about MONQ on Facebook. I finally took the plunge and ordered the 7 - Festival pack with a beautiful necklace. I must say that Zen is definitely my favourite and Happy being the 2nd runner up.

Yes, it's a bit pricey but it is indeed a quality product. It's important that you take gentle puffs and don't overuse it so that it can last you for at least a month. I have definitely felt a positive improvement in my mood using MONQ and I will purchase again in the future. Read Less" —Doreen S. Any Seven Pack

"Really Nice"

"I love this blend. It's really pleasant, and a few gentle inhalations each day help keep me calm and happy." —Katarzyna Z. Happy

"HAPPY - gentle and smooth"

"I purchased 3 different types, ZEN, HAPPY and VIBRANT. Thus far, HAPPY is my favourite. I have allergies to many fragrances and am sensitive to smells, and this one is still okay. It leaves a pleasant sensation and taste. I definitely will keep using this one. It's very mellow and non-irritating. If you're new to MONQ, I'd recommend starting with something gentle, like this one." —Lisa F. Happy

"Happy = Favorite"

"Out of all my MONQ pens (I have them all) happy is far and away my favorite. It was my first MONQ pen, I received it for Christmas, and it has held the first place honors ever since. It has such a soft, mellow scent! It has a gentle vanilla and fennel flavor that quite simply takes you to your happy place. It is so peaceful and calm. You cannot go wrong with it!" —Chelsea C. Happy

"Healthy, good sense"

"Healthy lives up to its name. It is a nice tasting, gentle puff of essential oils. I use it often during the day and feel calm." —Tess M. Healthy

"Better than anticipated!!"

"I purchased mountain and ocean and I love them both. The scents are perfect and a clear representation of their places. They are not too strong and not too weak. With every gentle inhale you get a clean relaxing breath. I wish I had bought all 3 places. That's how much I love them. The packaging is perfect as well. I've told family and friends about them." —Katelyn s. Ocean

"My absolute FAVORITE!!!!"

"Ocean is absolutely, positively, by FAR my favorite blend! Whether I am feeling anxious, just relaxing, or getting ready for a yoga session, it's clean, gentle flavor puts me in such a relaxed state. I ordered because lime is my favorite and I love eucalyptus... I could not be happier! I think I will buy a 4 pack of just Ocean, hehe!" —Meg F. Ocean

"Great blend"

"This was one of the first diffusers I got from MONQ. Ocean is very cooling and has a nice gentle and flowy feel to it. I ordered this twice because it's so nice. Hey, that rhymed." —Rebecca N. Ocean


"Just what I need as a gentle sleep aid" —Katherine S. Sleepy


"I love how gentle vibrant is. It's a great option if you need a little mood and energy boost." —Sarah W. Vibrant

"One of my favorites"

"I love the smell of this blend. It does give a gentle pick-me-up and brightens my mood." —Karen D. Vibrant


"I have enjoyed this and it's very comforting relaxing and a good getaway from stress in everyday life. The herbs that you have used for the sin is perfect it has a gentle smell and it is a wonderful product. Thank you I will be shopping again." —debra o. Zen


"I have really enjoyed my Zen Monq so far. Whenever I feel stressed and need a little pick me up, I take a few gentle inhales and I instantly feel a shift in my energy. I can't wait to order more!" —Corinne B. Zen


"I love how Zen is very gentle while making such a huge difference. I am very sensitive to smells, and  Zen has become such a happy part of my calming practice without being aggressive." —Katie M. Zen


"I ordered this along with happy and they are absolutely amazing. This one is by far my favorite and makes me feel, well, zen! When I am beginning to feel overwhelmed I pull it and and take a couple gentle breaths. Not to mention the customer service is magnificent. If there is a problem they will fix it within a day! This is sort of an unheard product in my city and every single person that I have recommended this product to has to order theirs and loved it! Amazing and innovative product. Would recommend to anyone 100%" —Brianna S. Zen

"This has changed my life!"

"It emotes a pleasant aroma, using it is a very gentle and calming experience. I would recommend it to anyone interested in aromatherapy." —Lilian W. Zen

"The three pod pack was"

"The three pod pack was great! There were two flavours I hadn’t tried yet. While the Focus blend hasn’t been my favourite, it’s still a very nice and gentle tasting. The Ocean pod is quite possibly my new favourite flavour that MONQ has. The lime is so refreshing!" —Jess W. Top 3 POD Pack


"So I purchased based on my friend, and she is big into aromatherapy and such as well. She raved about how amazing it is, and I won't lie it is pretty amazing! I definitely will be buying more as they are very gentle calming and overall amazing." —Sara K. Monq


"Decided to give MONQ a try so I bought Ocean along with three other diffusers and needless to say Ocean is my personal favorite.I simply love the scent combination. Feels like a morning walk on the beach with each gentle breath." —Kristin M. Ocean

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