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reviews about feeling healthier with monq


Customers Feel Healthier When Using MONQ

"Totally impressed"

"I've had it for 2 weeks. So far I've only tried Zen. I love it. I've noticed how much better I feel. I have more energy ( I think it's due to learning to breathe better). I can take complete deep breaths now. I also sleep much better. I seriously feel healthier." —Amy K. Any 10 Blends

"godsend on school days"

"I am not a morning person, so I got this to use on days when I had to get up and take my son to school. I don't know what I would have done without it, truly amazing and its nothing more than oils. healthier option than a lot of other pick-me-ups." —nicole s. Active


"I think monq might be the best thing created in a while, they are everything I love in one and really do promote healthier energy in me." —Jolan C. Active

"Changed my life for the better!"

"I fell so much better now that I've started Monq. Healthier, sharper, vibrant, and more energized! I love it!" —Patrick H. Any 7 Blends 

"I love it!!!"

"I bought this for me and my boyfriend to share and oh my god it's absolutely amazing!!! It's so much healthier than the alternatives!" —Caroline D. Any 10 Blends

"I feel healthier and happier."

"I feel healthier and happier. Thank you!" —Naomi H. Any 4 Blends


"these have honestly helped me so much in the past few weeks. whenever I use them, I feel happier, healthier, and as if nothing can bring me down. I highly recommend" —Aurora W. Any 4 Blends

"A healthier alternative"

"While going through a stressful time lately, I picked up cigarettes after quitting almost 10 years ago. About the same time, MONQ ads starting showing up o my Facebook feed. I was curious so I got my first Any 4 Blends pack - Zen, Sleepy, Active, and Sexy. All of them taste great (Sleepy is probably my least favorite, very floral tasting), I love the design, and I do feel that they each achieve their intended purpose." —Meredith D. Any 4 Blends 

"Great product"

"Monq is an amazing product. My husband and I feel better and healthier. I have recommended them to a lot of people." —Danyell N. Happy

"Healthy MONQ"

"Absolutely my best friend... Especially when I'm eating well makes me feel stronger and like it says healthier. :grin:" —neriah s. Healthy

"Helps a lot"

"Every once and a while I get a really upset stomach. I bought this blend just because I'm trying to become healthier. I decided to give this little a chance against my tummy issues, and bam it worked. It helps relieve most of the mild aches pretty darn quickly too. I'm very impressed by just that alone!" —GrizzlySydney Healthy

"Feels Good"

"I love the way the smells combine and make me want to be healthier." —Brittani L. Healthy

"I love my monq!"

"I love this product! It keeps me calm and cool throughout my most stressful days! Thank you monq for making me a happier and healthier person" —Victoria M. Healthy


"The healthy is great, I don't get how or why but every time I've been hungry I have a little bit of the healthy and it makes me feel like I need to eat healthier foods rather than getting that oily burger. Thanks so much, MONQ" —Ashley K. Healthy

"Great product!"

"The healthy MONQ is great for on-the-go oils that really do make you feel healthier! Just one puff makes me feel rejuvenated and healthy, the oils smell really good together. Overall great product!" —Rebecca L. Healthy

"Love love love"

"Alongside a fresher diet, a healthier lifestyle in general and wellbeing practices this particular MONQ has been the perfect missing piece of the puzzle. The power of the essentials oils is amazing. I knew the moment I started using it that it was what my body needed. It's wonderful. I'll be ordering regularly. I just wish there was a UK supplier as the customs fee I had to pay was steep, that's my only negative. Love love love it." —jilli_K Sexy

"First time customer!"

"I love my Monq pens. Very nice quality, reasonable prices and they're extremely relaxing." —Stantasia S. Zen 

"Thank you"

"Tried them for a healthier lifestyle. I am absolutely in love :two_hearts:" —Lindsay C. Any 7 Blends

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