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Customers enjoy the tangerine in ocean monq


Customers Enjoy the Hint of Tangerine in Ocean MONQ


"I love this product, the smell is not too harsh and not too strong and the lime/tangerine is really invigorating! Its perfect after a long stressful day or just while you're chilling at home" —Surbhi P. Ocean


"Ocean is by far my favourite Monq. The lime and tangerine combination is refreshing and zesty, and the eucalyptus finish is divine. It's like standing on a beach with a crisp wind blowing through your hair." —Jeni B. Ocean

"Like A Day At The Beach"

"Ocean MONQ is like breathing in a beach day. I'm a New Englander who lives on the beach, so I had high expectations for this one. Immediately after smelling it brought me back to the ocean! This was amazing and smooth, and so calming. It's like going to the beach, sans sunburn." —Taylor N. Ocean

"Amazing as always!"

"Quick shipping which is always a plus! :) I love the Eucalyptus in Ocean. The Lime & Tangerine make it so fresh and fruity as well. Even my husband tried it and loved it! Definitely, one I'll be reordering once it is empty. I highly recommend Ocean." —Ashley h. Ocean

"Citrusy & Invigorating"

"Recently had to move away from the beach & thought this blend might help ease some of my longing. It's a truly lovely aroma, & I like that the tangerine lingers long after diffusing. Always picks me up when I'm feeling dreary. A super dreamy tropical blend that I recommend to anyone first trying out MONQ" —Lillie Ocean

"This is my second MONQ"

"This is my second MONQ and I'm in love! I love the Ocean MONQ....That tangerine and citrus is amazing! I recommend this to anyone! Very convenient product for anyone!" —Erica K. Ocean


"This is the most amazing thing ever! It instantly calms you down. You can really smell the Tangerine in it! Usually, products like this give me a major migraine but this doesn't." —Rebecca S. Ocean

"Ocean is relaxing"

"Eucalyptus, lime and tangerine make me feel like I'm in paradise." —Tyisha W. Ocean MONQ R

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