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reviews about being thankful for monq


Customers are Thankful for MONQ


"It has been especially helpful! I just Sleepy, Happy, and Active all the time! Starting to use the others as I need them! So thankful for Monq!" —Jessica W. Any 7 Blends

"Everything I'd hoped for!"

"I ordered the Feel Nature blends plus a Zen for my cousin in college to try, as I already know I love mine!
The Feel Nature blends were absolutely everything I expected and hoped them to be, and then some! Absolutely love them. I can't choose a favorite because each one has its own purpose, it seems for me. I'm so happy and thankful these blends came out! I can't wait to see what more amazing things this company comes out with. :purple_heart:" —Cicada P. Any 4 Blends

"MONQ Sleep"

"I had trouble sleeping, getting myself to sleep and staying asleep, but this product is simply wow! I use it and within 10-15 minutes I'm gone to dream world! I have never been so thankful and happy about a product like this one. This product is very affordable and arrives very quickly. I would definitely recommend sleep if anyone has the same issue." —Elizabeth A. Sleepy


"I've always had a difficult time falling asleep... Until now! I am so amazed with how well Sleepy Monq works. I fall asleep within 10 minutes of using it. Not only does it help me fall asleep but I sleep so well and wake up feeling so good. It's just amazing! I also feel like it's helped me get back on an actual sleep schedule. I'm just so thankful I found it! I LOVE Monq products!" —Cecily F. Sleepy


"The Vibrant MONQ has relaxed and enlightened me. I am so thankful for such an amazing thing in my life now and I will continue to purchase your products." —Stephen B. Vibrant

"Heard about MONQ through a"

"Heard about MONQ through a YouTube I follow named Kendall Rae!!! And I'm thankful for it. This is amazing" —Anmarie H. Zen

"Loved this"

"I am not sure whether its a mental thing or not but this has helped me so much. I suffer from severe panic attacks and monq just helps do so do much. So thankful for this product" —Laela C. Zen

"Instant Relief"

"I am so glad I found this product. One puff when I feel overwhelmed is enough to help calm my overactive nerves. I am truly thankful I found Monq." —Bethany W. Zen

"Amazing and amazing customer service:)"

"I had many issues with my orders but I eventually got both and I was very satisfied with the product and all the help and cooperation I got on the way to get my orders. The Zen MONQ has already helped me stay calm more often. I'm very thankful:)" —Abby S. Zen

"Love it!"

"So I just recently purchased the Zen. I was super excited about it and then it kept not coming in the mail. I contacted monq and they said it got lost in the mail and were already sending me a new one no questions asked. I was so thankful since I didn't get insurance on the purchase. They were so nice about it great customer service. The smell is fabulous and I have all my friends interested in them!" —Morgan B. Zen


"It is great, while I do not just knock out taking it (which I am thankful for) it helps relax me completely before bed and before meditation! Great, will buy again." —Candyce A. Sleepy 

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