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|customers are happy using monq


Customers are Happy Using MONQ

"Really Impressed"

"I was very impressed with this product! At first, I was skeptical of its effects but I was so happy I got these! I don't use them often, but when I feel I need a little pick me up the MONQ diffusers are always there for my different needs." —Jade M. Any 10 Blends


"Love them. So happy I finally was about to buy all of them. Their all wonderful." —Tabatha O. Any 10 Blends


"This product is Great! And I love it. It makes me happy and I would recommend to everyone !! Positive vibes" —Lily G. Any 10 Blends


"I love all the blends except I'm not a big fan of love but everything else is amazing!! My favorites are happy, sexy, and active!! The necklace is awesome as well!" —Brittany G. 13 Pack + Necklace Special


"I am especially happy with the "sleep" MONQ. I have never fallen asleep faster!" —Elisa J. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal

"Love these!"

"I got the seven-pack and I love them all! My favorites are Zen, Happy, and Vibrant." —Ashley R. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal

"Loving it so far!"

"I got very impresses by the design and the crystal at the end. I am enjoying the scents I've tried and really think they are working good on me. So far I've used the sleep and had a great night and I'm wearing today the Happy one so lets so how happy this day turns out." —Alejandro R. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal

"Happy New user"

"Loving so far and so are some mates. Working as advertised, I definitely have my favourites. I have the necklace with one but wish there was a little portable pouch to take them all around with me. ??? Cant wait for the nature range." —Holly F. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal

"Love it!"

"Makes me feel so relaxed and happy!! Love it! What an awesome product" —Courtney C. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal

"Flavors of Life"

"Monq aroma therapy diffusers are some of the best mood changers and have a lovely after scent; my top 3 would have to be Zen, Happy, Active in that order. Also having the necklace makes it casual and handy instead of going for your pocket. All in all I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try it see what works for you." —Cody B. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal


"Really happy about this purchase" —Van K. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal

"love #mymonq"

"Tried the 7-pack so I could try them all. Love HAPPY and ACTIVE the most! Definitely reordering those!" —Vanessa R. 7-Pack & MONQstyle Necklace - Gun Metal 


"I have been using Zen, happy, healthy and active for over a week and I love them!!" —Ashley C. Active


"I love the way it smells! Makes me feel happy :)" —Melanie J. Active

"feeling refreshed"

"I order the Active MONQ. I was a bit skeptical when first seeing this, but so many great reviews I had to try. Glad that I did! Love my active monq. It helps me get through my double shifts. When I begin to get tired and sluggish I take a couple of puffs and feel refreshed like I can go another 8 hours. So happy with the product I just ordered three more." —Marisela L. Active

"Just love it"

"I purchased energy and happy and I just love the way they make me feel" —Jasayra A. Active

"So far so good"

"I really have enjoyed all three I purchased. Active for when I am golfing or walking. Happy for while I am working at my desk and healthy for anytime use. I really want to try the sleep and zen ones next. Defiantly would recommend to a friend." —Isabel K. Active

"I use this every day"

"I use this everyday. I'm very happy with my purchase and will continue to purchase from this brand. Top-notch customer service!!!" —Ryan Active

"I use this and happy"

"I use this and happy every day and it works wonders!!!" —lauren w. Active


"I'm very happy with “active” Monq and I use it frequently. I love that it's environmentally friendly and safe for everyone. Thanks!" —Keely J. Active

"Awesome Customer Service"

"Initially I ordered one MONQ but there was a mixup in the shipment and my order never came. I emailed customer service and they immediately refunded me my money AND gave me $45 store credit! I placed my order again, adding two additional MONQs, and they came quick and easy with no prolems. I got the healthy, happy and active blends. All taste amazing and are a great and rejuvenating pick me up for any time of the day. I love them and all of my friends I've let try them out love them as well." —Kristen M. Active

"Monq happy and vibrant"

"Loved them both they really work after about 10 to 15 min and plan to purchase more in new future :thumbsup::thumbsup:" —Mary H. Active

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