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reviews about ginger in vibrant monq


Customer Reviews: Customers Love the Ginger in Vibrant MONQ


"The combination of this one smells really good. The ginger is subtle and it really helps my throat. Love this one" —Erin W. Vibrant

"Really Good"

"The ginger scent is well balanced with the spearmint and citrus." —Jordan W. Vibrant


"The smell is great! It's a pleasant mix of all the scents: each somewhat balanced with each other. It may just be me but the ginger and lemon sort of blend to create an orange smell. The smell can only be described as refreshing since the spearmint leaves a nice cooling sensation. This is my second monq aside from happy and it actually made me feel different, as opposed to the happy" —Lan D. Vibrant

"Vibrant Review"

"The Vibrant Monq works amazing! Not only does the lemon and ginger taste delicious and leave a fresh, spearminty after taste, but it also visibility improves my mood! Just a few short puffs in the morning leave me ready to take on the day!" —Olivia N. Vibrant

"Focused Calm"

"There isn't an immediately noticeable impact from using vibrant monq, you won't find yourself suddenly bouncing off the walls or feeling looped. What I did notice was that I seemed more calm, collected, and less drowsy. I did wonder about the balance of lemon, ginger, and spearmint as none of those seemed to go together in my mind, but this was one of my favorite blends. They are all perfectly complementary and I would certainly get this blend again." —Anna Vibrant

"Keeps me vibrant"

"This is my favorite MONQ diffuser :) the spearmint helps while the lemon gives a sense of awakening smell :) the ginger after taste is just icing on the cake. I love being vibrant all day!!" —Merissa J. Vibrant

"Pleasantly surprised."

"Very much enjoying the Vibrant MONQ. The smell is strong, though. If you aren't a fan of lemon/ginger/mint, avoid! I have felt more pep during the day when I use it." —Carrie M. Vibrant

"This MONQ is by far my favorite!"

"Vibrant has an amazingly soothing and happy feeling that comes with using it. The smell is perfectly blended to create almost an orange taste. The ginger, lemon, spearmint mix is a great combination." —Melissa H. Vibrant


"Vibrant is a great blend! The lemon and spearmint go together in a great combination. I'm not big on ginger, but I think it works great in the blend." —Sadie M. Vibrant

"My favorite smell!"

"Vibrant is probably my favorite blend as far as smell goes - with spearmint, lemon, and ginger in this pen, you cannot go wrong. This pen is like splashing your face with cool water in the morning- it'll wake you up!" —Brittney C. Vibrant


"What a well thought out flavour pairing!!! It's vibrant indeed. Every breath of Vibrant Monq is like being in a botanical garden while drinking green tea and ginger. It wakes up your mind and is my favorite flavour so far:D" —Helene Vibrant

"I love Vibrant MONQ!"

"When I was choosing a blend to purchase, Vibrant was the first one I went with (on a whim), but when I got it, I absolutely loved it! It picked me up, soothed me, and got me going to do what I needed to do all in one. The smell is the best (now that I've tried them all. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in trying out MONQ for the first time! :-)" —Corinne R. Vibrant

"I love my MONQ!"

"I love my MONQ! Highly recommend it. I started ordering one of the most popular ones "ZEN" and love it. I take it with me everywhere, love the slick design of the diffuser. Love the fragrance so hypnotizing. I just place an order for Vibrant with organic cultivated ginger, lemon and spearmint notes. I can't wait to tell you all about it." —Mari Zen


"It’s strong but it’s ginger so I like it + love it" —Bejoux G. Free Relieve diffuser 


"Refreshing smell"

"This monq pen was easy to use and smelled wonderful. The hint of ginger made it smell even better." —Stephanie G. Free Relieve diffuser


"the thing about this product I love the most is the ginger! 10/10!!" —Anastacia C. Vibrant


"great smell, not too much ginger, and really does soothe an achy head" —Avery C. Free Relieve diffuser

"I feel relieved"

"I received this for a great deal after having previously purchased from MONQ. I enjoyed this blend and have to say I feel some relief after a few hits! The amount of ginger is perfect. I would definitely recommend!" —Hannah Free Relieve diffuser

"The name says it all."

"After using the vibrant POD I always feel refreshed and light. The spearmint cools you off while the lemon brings you back up and you are finished off with a spicy tang of ginger which never overpowers. It's how I've started every day since I received this rechargeable Monq." —Frank N. Vibrant MONQ R 


"I love these so much. Organic, healthy, enjoyable. I look at how each blend elevates my mood or helps me get into specific mindsets. The relieve is very ginger heavy, so if you’re not a fan of that beware. I love it though." —Olivia P. Mix & Match MONQ R - Happy

"Effective scents at a great value!"

"So a coworker introduced me to Vibrant Monq, and I loved it for its strong citrus scent. So I decided to get four (Vibrant, Sexy, Happy, Sleepy) . Here are the results.

I freaking love these aroma diffusers, especially Sexy ( I love Jasmine and Patchouli, but putting them together with Lime.... *love you forever*)
So when you get these be prepared for them to smell up whatever you put them in for a few days. They're quite strong even in their packaging (which I don't mind, I loved it, but just letting ya'll know your bag or purse will smell.)
I find this to be a positive thing though because I can't always use them in certain places but just getting a whiff the tube is strong enough :) (and if you're being conservative with these, this'll help)
I should mention the intended effects of each Monq are gradual and vary from person to person.

Happy- Strong scents: fennel and thyme. You do smell sweet vanilla on the end. Effect: It's not an instant A-HA it's more of a gradual "good feel".

Sleepy- Strong Scent: Lemongrass. There is lavender mixed in but it's shadowed by the lemongrass. Effect: I don't really feel sleepy, but it does make me feel relaxed. I think a softer smell of lavender would be better for that sleepy effect than the citric lemongrass. Nonetheless, it's still pleasant :)

Vibrant- Strong Scent: Lemon and Ginger. If you love the smell of lemons, you'll love this. These two go so well together, and the spearmint at the end gives it a freshness and because of this, it really has a strong effect on me and really wakes me up. Definitely getting again.

Sexy - Strong Scent: Patouchli. The Jasmine and Lime blend well with the Patchouli creating this pleasant sweet smell that I cannot get enough of. And that pleasantness does make me feel in a more pleasurable mood and desire just a bit. I'm in love with this one by far I feel it's the best.

I honestly can't wait to try out the other ones. I hope this review gives you guys an idea of what to expect for those that are new ^^. Definitely, recommend starting out with one." —Sara M. Any 4 Blends

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