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Reviews About Chamomile in Sleepy MONQ


Customer Reviews About Chamomile in Sleepy MONQ

"Love. Love. Love them!"

"I recently decided to try MONQ and they're great! My favorite is "sleepy". The calming chamomile and lavender help me relax after a long day. I would definitely buy them again!" —Kori W. Any 4 Blends

"Great products"

"I've tried Sexy, Mountain, sleepy,& zen. Sexy and sleepy are my favorites, with sexy being a spicy, warm flavor and sleepy tasting similar to chamomile tea. Mountain is nice and cool- you can taste the juniper! Zen was my least favorite of the bunch, but it's a very calming scent and it might just be for you! I highly recommend all the products." —Alyssa B. Any 4 Blends

"Love the new blend!"

"Definitely can taste the chamomile coming through. Very soothing." —Miriam M. Sleepy


"I love sleepy MONQ. The lavender and chamomile help me relax and get to sleep really fast and stay asleep, so I'm not waking up every few hours like I usually do. I am in love with this product." —Shelia B. Sleepy

"It's literally a cup of Chamomile tea"

"I love this blend with the main smell I get is all Chamomile. It is perhaps one of my top 3 teas. I don't smell the lavender but I can feel the warmth of it. The smell of lavender isn't my favorite just the warmth of it is nice." —Alejandra Sleepy

"Love <3"

"I really love lavender and chamomile so I knew I'd love it! And of course, I did! It's really nice and is super calming. Sometimes if I'm feeling really upset I take a puff and it really does help. I mainly use it at night though and it's really relaxing! :) <3 ^-^" —Anna H. Sleepy

"No More Sleeping Medicine"

"I'm so glad to have found something that helps me sleep. The smell is great too. The chamomile is the most powerful flavor out of them all. The lavender you can taste but it is not overbearing. I own 10 of the monq blends and Sleepy and Zen are my top two choices. Just ordered two more Sleepy diffusers." —Kelsea T. Sleepy

"Really soothing and nice"

"It is very calming and relaxing. It has a nice smell and isn't overpowering scent. The chamomile is very nice. I really recommend if you have a hard time trying to calm down at night:" —Stephanie D. Sleepy


"Love it!!! I take my sleepy every night before I go to bed with a cup of lavender and chamomile tea. I'm sleep within minutes." —Ebony B. Sleepy

"Love it!"

"The taste is like chamomile tea." —Annamarie P. Sleepy


"You can tell when a company takes time on their products vs ones that don't and from the packaging to the actual product itself I can say this company is a trustworthy one. Although I do wish there was a pen that was just lavender and chamomile this still does an amazing job of relaxing you and making you sleepy. I've always had trouble sleeping and of course, this won't put you straight to sleep, it definitely helps. I definitely will be purchasing again!" —Megan D. Sleepy

"Zen monq"

"I really liked it. It did have a calming effect on me similar to a cup of chamomile tea, soothing & gentle. I would really love to try vibrant next." —Stefanie G. Zen

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