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Improve Your Qualia of Life®

It’s natural for us to wish to improve our quality of life. But what does that mean?

That depends on the person.

For some, that “improvement” means more free time. For others, more money (which, consequently, may mean less free time). Maybe it’s a better social life, or, conversely, freedom from social obligations. In all cases, the notion to “improve your quality of life” is as individual as you are.

The same holds true when we say, “Improve your qualia of life® .” But, what do we mean by “improve your qualia of life” and why does MONQ take it so seriously that we trademarked the phrase?

woman hanging out of car window

Qualia is pretty important to MONQ. So much so that it is the “Q” in our name—an acronym meaning Modified Observation of Natural Qualia.

Qualia is how you personally and uniquely experience the world. It is what makes the world appear to you as it does—your perspective and perception.

So, for example, you walk outside on a fall morning, it is 68 degrees, and the dew is just beginning to evaporate off the grass. Is it cool? Is it cold? Is it crisp? Is it energizing? Is it heartwarming? Each person will experience the morning in a different, unique way.

Maybe, more importantly, you may experience similar mornings in different ways, on different occasions. This is the result of modifying your qualia—modifying your perceptions and perspective even when presented with the same external experience.

10 pack

It is MONQ’s position that by using MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers, you can modify your own qualia, intentionally and mindfully. So, if you are tense, you can relax; if you are lacking energy, you can recharge; if you are restless, you can become still.

That is why we share MONQ’s aromatherapy anywhere® with you. We believe that when you use MONQ diffusers by gently breathing two to three breaths of aromatherapy into your mouth and out your nose—without inhaling into your lungs—you choose your experience. You modify your own qualia. When you repeat this process two to three times per day, you intentionally seek to feel better, do better, and be better. And, that is how you improve your qualia of life.

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