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Does Pumpkin Spice Make You Feel Better?

Pumpkin spice often indicates the start of fall. Fall comes not only apple picking and haunted hayrides but also cold and flu season. The good news is that your favorite spice of the season might actually provide a range of health benefits. Benefits include boosting immune system function to help reduce the chance of an irritating cold getting in the way of your fall festivities. Try our Pumpkin Spice Original Diffuser this fall season!

Of course, drinking a pumpkin spice latte or eating pumpkin pie won’t necessarily solve all of your problems. However, using some of the spices found in pumpkin spice in their essential oil forms can definitely get you on the way to preventing them.

Benefits of Essentials Oils in Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin spice Cinnamon Essential Oil

One of the main ingredients in pumpkin spice is cinnamon. The antioxidants in cinnamon allow for the removal of free radicals which have been linked to issues like faster aging and reduced immune system function.

Additionally, cinnamon essential oil contains antimicrobial properties. This means it has the potential to fight off the foreign pathogens that can cause you to get sick. 1

Ginger Essential Oil pumpkin spice

While you might not taste it as much as cinnamon, ginger is another key ingredient in pumpkin spice. Among many other benefits, ginger is best known for reducing nausea. This explains why people go to ginger ale when they’re feeling nauseous or bloated.

Additionally, ginger and ginger essential oil are great expectorants, meaning they can relieve respiratory issues like colds and coughs. It has also been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving agent, relieving pain from sore muscles or headaches and allowing stress to fade away at the end of a long day. 2

Nutmeg Essential Oil pumpkin spice

Nutmeg and nutmeg essential oil are best known for their antibacterial properties. This makes it another component of the pumpkin spice ingredient list that can help prepare you to take on cold and flu season. 3

Clove Essential Oil pumpkin spice

Almost all pumpkin spice drinks and pumpkin spice itself contains clove essential oil. Clove essential oil provides a range of health benefits and is best known for its antibacterial, immune-boosting, and antioxidant properties.

Final Thoughts

The moment pumpkin spice products start hitting shelves in grocery stores at the end of August or beginning of September is a time for celebration for many. Not only do the ingredients in this popular spice provide a range of health benefits, both in their spice and essential oil forms, but the scent of pumpkin spice is also a form of nostalgia therapy. This allows you to relive the happy moments you’ve linked to the scent.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, check out a new—hopefully moderately healthy—pumpkin spice flavored product. Alternatively, reap some of the health benefits of the essential oils made from the spices. For an easy on-the-go option, try the Pumpkin Spice Blend—now available as an Original diffuser, Therapeutic Fragrance, or Blend POD compatible with MONQ R. The blend combines the health benefits of the essential oils with the nostalgia therapy of the popular fall scent. Available August 26th!

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