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Learn How Music Can Enhance Happiness

Anyone who has ever listened to a piece of music that made them excited or inspired or even sad knows that music has a direct effect on our emotions. Most people don't need scientific evidence to suggest that it does. Even so, there are a number of modern scientific studies that have clearly indicated that various emotions, including happiness, can be directly associated with music. Here we will take a look at how music can enhance happiness.

enhance happiness We're Hardwired to React Differently to Different Types of Music

Studies done on infants have demonstrated that at the earliest age, they have a basic understanding of whether a particular song is sad or happy. When they hear the piece of music they react appropriately to it. There's no way for a child at that age to have learned if the song is sad or happy and they certainly can't understand the words and yet they seem to naturally be aware of the correct feeling the music should produce. 1

When it comes to science and research on music and the neurological effects that it has, there is no doubt that music has an impact on people's emotions. However, how or why it does is not yet fully understood within science. For this reason, there are lots of theories, but with or without the scientific evidence, we all are aware of the impact music has on us. There are very few things that we can use to lift our spirits when we're down or to help us be motivated, then music.

Because science is beginning to be able to demonstrate the impact that it has on us physically and emotionally, there is now an area of music that is beginning to take hold within hospitals. It will likely be some time before it becomes a routine and a regular type of treatment, but it is highly likely that it will become as much a part of treatment as physical therapy. Whether it is working with the elderly or helping someone to recover more quickly, the use of music therapy can help improve mood and even speed up healing.

The use of this type of treatment has been found to reduce stress in pregnant women, and it has been found to boost the immune system in patients who have gone through surgery. Patients who have cardiac problems have had their blood pressure lowered simply by participating in music therapy. A research project done at Cal State University found evidence to support that children who had extended stays in the hospital remained happier when they were exposed to music therapy.

Emotional Reactions to Music are Believed to Be a Practical Part Of Early Survival and Even Procreation

Music seems to have evolved from very early times in the history of humankind and this leads many scientists to conclude that it likely had some practical use at its core. When scientists studied the reaction people have to different types of music, it found that often the reaction was odd and unexpected. It was also found that music had the unique ability to energize and motivate people and even to bring them together better than other factors.

Every culture that we know about on Earth has used music, and some estimate that music history is around 250 thousand years old. The earliest origins of music come out of prehistory that is largely unknown but has some remaining physical evidence found in stone carvings.

Those Who Attend Concerts Higher Rates Of Happiness enhance happiness

The study interviewed over a thousand participants that were each chosen randomly. The study found that those who listen to music more often had higher levels of happiness. The participants who listened to the most amount of music and even engaged in activities related to that music had a greater sense of overall well-being. It concluded that those who sing songs, listen to music, dance, play an instrument or attend events where music is being played have much more happiness in their life.

Music is a Gateway to a Better Social Life

It is commonly found that those who feel happiness less often will isolate themselves and spend a lot of time alone. But those who listen to music and go to events where dancing or a concert is taking place will be exposed to others who like similar music. 2 This creates the opportunity to have a better social life. When people do things that they enjoy and listen to music, it makes them feel good and this, in turn, helps them to gain a better social life by being around others who are similar to themselves, and ultimately creating a happier life. Those who engage in activities with others are generally happier than those who spend too much time alone.

Happiness is not something you can just take a pill for. It is a feeling that requires ongoing activities that keep you feeling engaged and satisfied. Using music and aromatherapy is a great way to instantly bring yourself into a state of happiness. There are very few other things that a person can do to boost their mood other than to use the right music.

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