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Daily Affirmations to Help with Happiness

Maintaining your happiness is a great thing to do. However, you’ll find that at times happiness can be quite difficult to maintain. This is when many people turn to affirmations to help them work towards happiness again.

If you’ve recently been feeling down or hope to start working towards increased happiness, some of the best daily affirmations to help you in this journey are highlighted below.

Today Is a New Day to Start without Any Troubles

This is one of the most important first thoughts to start out your day with. When you use this saying, you’ll find that you’re going to start feeling better as you go about your day because you set yourself for success at its very start.

I’m Attentive and Ready to Take on Any Challenge the Day Might Bring

Being attentive is an important note on which to start the day because it’ll allow you to complete all of the tasks you have planned effectively and efficiently. Use this affirmation to feel prepared for all you have planned that day.

This Abundance of Love Allows Me to Go into My Day Ready to Accomplish Everything I Can

One key factor that a lot of people need to remember each and every day is that they are loved. When you’re thinking about this, it’s important that you think about the people in your life who you love and who love you.

Today I Want the Good That I Feel to Fill Me In

Filling yourself with good is going to be something that will really be helpful for your day. Sometimes, this will come from just looking at the simple things in the day like seeing the sun come up.

I Release All Bad Thoughts and Negative Energy

Bad thoughts and negative energy can easily run you down and keep you from being able to do what you want to do throughout the day. Because of this, it’s important to release this negative energy at the beginning of the day, allowing the rest of the day to go smoothly.

A great way to bring some positive thoughts and energy back into the day after releasing the negative ones is through nostalgia therapy, remembering familiar scents that remind you of happy memories and result in overall happiness.


Being able to start to fill your day with happiness simply through the use of affirmations and essential oils can significantly change your daily routine. Try memorizing some of these affirmations and the essential oils the pair the best with, and implement them into your day. Actively working through happiness through the repetition of these affirmations is sure to put you on the path towards finally realizing it.

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