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Winter Storm Warmth_ One Breath Away


Winter Storm Warmth: One Breath Away

Let MONQ keep you warm as winter storms freeze us out! Pumpkin_Cheer6 Every winter we see the tried-and-true, well-loved holiday blends return to menus and seasonal products. We bake cookies with clove, ginger, and nutmeg; cozy up to a hot cup of chai; and celebrate holidays tied to the ancient use of incense materials, like the myrrh in Cheer MONQ. It turns out that these botanicals have a good reason for showing up in the winter season. They are all able to help our bodies feel warm! FOCUS MONQ on tree with pine cones around it The essential oils in blends like MONQ's FOCUS  and Relieve create a thermogenic—warming—response in the body. For example, black pepper (in FOCUS) is an excellent vasodilator. It stimulates blood circulation creating a feeling of warmth and offering pain relief. Likewise, ginger has traditionally been used in warming, aromatic remedies intended to help conditions such as rheumatism that are often triggered by wintry conditions. girl holding relieve MONQ Essential oils like cardamom and myrrh not only provide increased circulatory warmth to the body, but they also help alleviate upper respiratory discomfort, especially that associated with excess mucus and congestion. So take the chill out of winter and curl up with MONQ—designed to bring you warmth, comfort, and peace. Photo credits: Jake Plummer

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