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Top 10 Reasons to Love Pumpkin Spice

The crisp autumn air is a welcome feel for pumpkin spice enthusiasts. Whether it's in a latte, pie, or muffin, there's nothing better than a whiff of it during the fall months. It's no secret that the world loves it—just think about how many people rush to their local coffee shop as soon as pumpkin spice hits the menu.

But, why is this spice so popular? Read on to learn the top 10 reasons why. Whether you're a pumpkin spice lover yourself or have never understood the craze, you may learn something new about this popular blend. Try it out for yourself with MONQ's Pumpkin Spice personal aromatherapy diffuser !

pumpkin spice

Ten Reasons to Love Pumpkin Spice

Warms Our Insides

Spice is renowned for warming the body as it regulates temperature. By consuming pumpkin spice foods or beverages, we are able to enjoy the thermogenic properties of the blend even as the air around us becomes cooler 1 .

It is the perfect complement to cuddling under the nearest blanket to relax with a book in hand. This warming feeling is one of the reasons this spice is such a hit among the masses!

Reminiscent of Halloween

From the haunted houses to trick-or-treating, there's a charm to Halloween we enjoy for a lifetime. For children, the beginning of fall is marked with anticipation for October 31st—it's a feeling many of us never forget. Pumpkin spice makes us nostalgic for those days of anticipation and the excitement of Halloween. The beautiful blend of spices creates an all-encompassing mix that's truly special and close to the heart. We run to get our share of this spice to transport ourselves back to those fun-filled autumn days.

Seasonality of Pumpkin Spice

Humans crave a predictable change of season. Whether it's falling leaves, Christmas morning, the first day of summer vacation, or an annual trip to the cottage, we crave seasonal celebrations and markers. Anything fleeting creates a desire that's second to none.

By getting our pumpkin spice fix, we are able to grab hold of something that's seasonal. It fills us with happiness, and that's what makes this spice mix special.

Autumn leaves

The Beautiful Colors

The gorgeous hues of autumn are incomparable. Those breathtaking orange, brown, and white colors are heartwarming and beautiful. The sights around us make us crave a holistic experience—one we can taste and smell with Pumpkin Spice.

Easy To Find Your Version of Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice is magical because we can personalize it to our memories.

Some prefer a home filled with the diffused scents of autumn, others crave a fluffy pumpkin spice muffin or warm latte. The choice to experience pumpkin spice in a way that is comforting to each of us makes it that much more special.

Produces a Delightful Aroma

The spicy, aroma of pumpkin spice is exceptional and will make you nostalgic for jumping in a pile of leaves. If autumn had a scent, this would be it. And, that's what our heart desires. If we could live in a bubble filled with this aroma, many of us would happily do so without a care in the world!

The aroma is almost intoxicating—filling a room and leaving it happier than before.

sweater weather

Welcome Sweater Weather

It's time to take out those beautiful sweaters you've been storing!. Yes, toss out those t-shirts because it's sweater weather and nothing screams fall like wrapping yourself in the warmth of a sweater and surrounding yourself with this spice.

Creates a Season of Anticipation

Pumpkin spice is more than a toast to autumn. Whether it's Halloween, Christmas, or the gentle streams of snow, this is a season of anticipation like nothing else. It is the first step towards a beautiful time of the year, and it all starts with something as simple as this spice!

Cozy Joy

We all love feeling cozy and pumpkin spice provides its own version of cozy joy.

Some love the idea of going on a delightful walk through the local park as trees change color, while others nestle in a corner of their room as the fire crackles in the background. There's something about this spice that rounds out these activities and fills them with a bit more joy.

MONQ pumpkin spice

Lets Us Enjoy Summer's Delights In Fall Colors

Summer harvests turn to fall and winter stables. Canned vegetables are grown in the garden and seasoned with elements of pumpkin spice. The garden fragrances change from bright and fresh to warm and earthy. This spice lets us delight in the harvests of summer and tailors our tastes to a new season, making us nostalgic for all the joys of the year.

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