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Reducing Environmental Impact through Innovation

MONQ is proud to be a good steward of our environment and in particular the resources at the heart of our business—essential oils.

MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers use just a fraction of the essential oil that traditional, desktop diffusers use. To put that in perspective, just one diffusion of a desktop diffuser uses as much or more essential oil than an entire MONQ personal aromatherapy diffuser! We’re not going to lie, MONQ is pretty proud that our innovation allows us to make that statement!

Our innovative aromatherapy delivery not only allows us to use less essential oil but it means there are fewer impacts on the environment to get us there. To explain, let’s look at the numbers.

Essential oils are derived from specific parts of plants—seeds, stems, leaves, petals, etc., and the essential oil content varies greatly, ranging from approximately 0.03% to 9%. So, for every 1 kg of specific raw plant material, one can expect to distill or extract only 0.3 mL to 90 mL of essential oil. For plants with low essential oil content, like rose oil, it can take as much as 100 kg—as many as 1 million petals—to distill just 1 oz of essential oil.

That’s a lot of raw material that must be grown, harvested, and processed for so little essential oil! Each step of that process leaves an environmental footprint—space to grow the plant (or limited wild harvests), individuals and machinery to harvest the plants, and processing equipment to strip the plant down to the specific material—stem, petal, seeds, etc.

Then, the essential oils must be extracted or distilled. If on-site distillation is not possible, the bulky, raw material is packaged and transported to a facility to be distilled. Once the essential oil is derived, it must be packaged, labeled, and shipped to a vendor or end-user. Sometimes, getting the essential oil from the grower to the user is a multi-step process, in which the essential oil is packaged, labeled, and prepared for shipment multiple times, meaning wasted materials and carbon emissions with each step of the process.

All in all, the ecological footprint of essential oil production is deceptively large, and traditional essential oil use requires many multiples of essential oil above and beyond that which MONQ uses in our personal aromatherapy diffusers. At MONQ, we’re proud that our innovation allows us to state that, and we take pride in prudently using and managing our essential oil inventory.

Because we believe humans evolved to breathe nature’s therapeutic air to be well, we are committed to keeping our earth well and healthy, too.

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