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MONQ On The Menu: Chef Jess Rice

Chef Jess Rice is a certified holistic detox coach, raw food chef, and plant-based educator. She is a Nashville native and is also a big fan of MONQ! In 2014, she opened the now wildly popular restaurant Avo, the first full-scale raw restaurant in Tennessee. She left two years later to pursue a second restaurant concept but found some time in between to host two pop-up dinners that incorporated the tastes of MONQ Essential Oil Diffusers. Below are two video clips from these pop-up dinners, in which Jess talks about the harmony of pairing MONQ and her cuisine.

MONQ at Williams-Sonoma Nashville from MONQ on Vimeo .

MONQ + Jess Rice web spot from Casey Cross on Vimeo .

Learn more about Jess Rice by connecting with her on her Facebook page or her @mypoortiredliver Instagram account!

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